Has Your Child Missed the Online CAT Exam?

Has Your Child Missed the Online CAT Exam?

Give some time to the new CAT mechanism and relax your child if he has missed the exam since the opportunity is still very much there.

examWith CAT going online this year, the review and response has been a mixed one. After the completion of this 10-day programme, Government has decided to extend the programme by a day for those who missed it because of technical constraints.

Those who were able to make it online were happy with the fact that they have met the technological requirement. However, those for whom the exam was called off were desperately frustrated and angry for several reasons. Was your child one of them?

Relax and ask your child to relax as well. This is a time for change and like everything; the authorities are going to deal with the teething issues. Since this was a trial, the final decision will largely depend upon the average student experience.

Reassure your child that he has not missed the opportunity as authorities very well know and accept the fact that many students have not been able to give the examination due to technical issues. For all such students, arrangements for rescheduling the tests are going on. Tell your child to not lose their momentum and use this time for brushing concepts.

As a parent, it is up to you to provide encouragement and support. Your child will definitely do well.

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