New dad Harbhajan Singh is "proud to be a father!" Here's why

New dad Harbhajan Singh is "proud to be a father!" Here's why

"I am doing all to be a great dad to her. Just want to be the best one for my little one. Hopefully, I can fulfil all her needs," says the doting new dad

Every new father has a unique experience with his newborn. For some, it comes easy; while for others, it means a whole lot of hard work. But if there is one thing that's common between all new fathers, it is perhaps their love for their little bundle of joy.

This is exactly the story of new dad Harbhajan Singh.

After announcing the arrival of his daughter Hinaya in July this year, Bhajji paaji, as he is lovingly called, has become busy with diaper duties, but he isn't complaining. In fact, like any other doting dad, he is completely smitten by his princess and is extremely proud to become a father.

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In an interview, soon after the birth of his bundle of joy, he said, "I have realised that there is nothing bigger in life. Whether you play 100 Tests, win World Cup, get all the medals in the world... Nothing is bigger than this feeling. Your kids are your biggest medals."

Proud to be a dad

He added that he has become more aware of the fact that kids complete a family, even though he did hear it from his friends, but only experienced it after becoming a father.

"I am realising this now after becoming a father. Earlier, my friends used to say all this. Now I endorse it 200 per cent. I am really proud to be a dad," said the doting daddy.

Singh has been spending a lot of time in London with wife Geeta Basra and his daughter, and it seems he would want to keep it like this, understandably for some more time.

Like father, like daughter. #Hinaya ❤️

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This also means a continuation of some more diaper duty and helping out wife Geeta during night feeds. But it seems Bhajji was prepared for all this and is loving every bit of it!

Continue reading to see how Harbhajan is helping Geeta during night feeds! 

Like any other new parent, Harbhajan Singh and wife Geeta Basra are also working on a napping schedule for their new baby. But since she is barely two months, the two must be getting up for night feeds.

Bhajji takes charge of night duty

And this is precisely what Bhajji was prepared for. In fact, he is quite hands-on when it comes to getting up in the night and helping Geeta take care of Hinaya.

Speaking about how his daughter keeps the couple up at night, Bhajji shared that it is something that he loves.

"When she sleeps, we sleep. When she is up, we are up. I am doing all to be a great dad to her. Just want to be the best one for my little one. Hopefully, I can fulfil all her needs," he said.

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Adding that he was grateful for this new gift in his life he said that his respect for women has increased many folds, thanks to his lovely daughter.

"I just want to thank the almighty for giving me this lovely diamond. My respect for females has increased a thousand times after having a daughter. We are what we are because of them," shared the ace spinner.

And while sharing his experience as a new dad, Singh made an important case for why all new fathers must be involved with their kids from day one. Something that even new dad Shahid Kapoor seems to be doing these days!

Why all fathers should be hands-on

Over the past few years, India has been witness to a significant change when it comes to the involvement of modern fathers in the upbringing of their kids. They are no longer distant and want to spend quality time raising children.

This new culture has perhaps given rise to a new generation of fathers who are as hands-on as they can be. And this is exactly what your child also needs!

Yes, you read it right. Here's why being a hands-on dad helps your child and of course your wife!

  • Strengthens the bond: When you are engaged in physical activities including diaper changing or bathing or swaddling the baby, you encourage a greater bond between yourself and your baby. A father's physical touch makes the baby feel secure and happy.
  • Learn more about each other: When you are hands-on, not only do you see your child growing in front of you, but you will also learn his likes and dislikes. Similarly, the child also learns from you and understands what you may like or not like. He will naturally also emulate your behaviour.
  • Reconnect with the wife: Being a hands-on father would help your wife take better care of herself, which is important especially during the early months. Both, the mother and the child must be healthy and you can facilitate that by helping out your wife with night feeds, diaper changes or getting the baby to sleep.

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