Geeta Basra just revealed how new dad Harbhajan Singh does his daddy duties!

Geeta Basra just revealed how new dad Harbhajan Singh does his daddy duties!

"When she sleeps, we sleep. When she is up, we are up. I am doing all to be a great dad to her," reveals new dad Harbhajan Singh

After becoming parents to their baby girl in July this year, Harbhajan Singh and Geeta Basra are enjoying every bit of their time with their little bundle of joy, the three-month-old Hinaya Heer Plaha.

Whether it managing her feeds, staying up at night or taking her out for walks, it seems that the new parents are making sure that they do their duties right and keep their daughter happy and surrounded by love.

And just to put it in perspective for their fans, the new mum recently shared a picture of Harbhajan Singh taking his daddy duties rather seriously. It seems that his primary responsibility is not just changing diapers, but also taking little Hinaya Heer out to walks.

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Sharing the picture with the caption "Father on duty," Geeta proved that Harbhajan is an actively involved father.

In fact, in a recent interview the ace off-spinner shared "I have realised that there is nothing bigger in life. Whether you play 100 Tests, win World Cup, get all the medals in the world… Nothing is bigger than this feeling. Your kids are your biggest medals."

He also added that he felt proud of his daughter and that she has finally completed their family. "I am realising this now after becoming a father. Earlier, my friends used to say all this. Now I endorse it 200 per cent. I am really proud to be a dad," the doting father shared.

The new dad has been spending most of his time in London with his wife Geeta and daughter and has taken over the task of making sure she goes out of the house to have some fun.

Like father, like daughter. #Hinaya ❤️

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This also means more diaper duties for the new dad and perhaps even more involvement in feeding baby Hinaya during the night. But he more than prepared, because it seems he has carved out a disciplined plan for baby feeding.

Continue reading to see how the doting dad Harbhajan Singh is helping wife during night feeds. 

Harbhajan Singh's daddy duties

As a new parent should, Geeta and Harbhajan are also working on a napping schedule for their three-month-old Hinaya Heer. So far the doting dad has been helping out his wife take care of their bundle of joy during night feeds and it seems it is something he was quite ready to take on.

Daddy on duty....loving fatherhood ????❤️ #Gratitude #Blessed #HinayaHeer

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"When she sleeps, we sleep. When she is up, we are up. I am doing all to be a great dad to her. Just want to be the best one for my little one. Hopefully, I can fulfil all her needs,” he shared.

It is quite evident from his experience and the pictures that Harbhajan Singh is a hands-on father, as they should be. It not only helps make a great connection with the baby, but also helps the partner ease into their new role as a parent.

Rise of the hands-on father in India and why it's fun

If you have also just had a new baby and recently became a new dad, chances are you belong to the Alpha Dad generation.

As actor and dad Emraan Hashmi pens in his book, The Kiss of Life: "You have to be a superhero father these days - take challenges head on and emerge stronger. My child has given birth to me. Today's dads go into battle-mode for their children. It takes superhero powers to walk this path and come out unscathed."

But here's why this is a great time to be a hands-on father!

  • Get to see your child grow up: As a hands-on father who is involved in every activity of his child including feeds, bathing and changing diapers, you will literally see your child grow in front of you. This will help you bond better with the baby and also know his likes and dislikes.
  • It brings stability in your life: Having a baby is a wonderful experience and all parents would agree when we say it completely changes one's life. A child brings a lot more stability and maturity since you are no longer just responsible for each other, but also for somebody who needs your help every step of the way.
  • What goes around comes around: Your closeness with your child will help your child rely and trust your decisions more confidently. He will not only look upto you as his hero, but also as a close friend, and this will only further strengthen your ties.

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