It is my birthday, but this is what I wish for HER!

It was the first time in 33 years that I sent her a gift on my birthday. After all, it was her special day too.

It was the first time in 33 years that I sent her a gift on my birthday. After all, it was her special day too. It was my birthday but also an important day in her life.

It was the 8th of December, and she was busy with her regular chores, when she received a courier. On opening the unexpected courier she was delighted to see a message written on it saying...

On your special day too...
Happy 1st Delivery day!!
8th December 1984.
Lots of love,
From your delivered baby... Aditi.

I did feel that my MOTHER too deserved a gift and/or wishes on this day. I was her first child, and I wanted to remind her of the day she took the pains and delivered me.

I wanted her to remember that particular day, when she was so nervous and her beaming smile when she first saw me.

All her tiredness must have vanished after taking me in her arms. We all wait for our day of the year, the day we are born, and often forget that the same day our mothers also went through a major change in their life.

I received a call from my mother; she was so surprised and could not hold back the happiness within her. “Thank you for pampering me” she said. It felt so content to hear such words.

I realised her joy in feeling special. I could feel the difference in her voice. She did not know what more to say to express how she felt. Tears rolled down my eyes. I felt a sense of gratitude myself.

Being a mother for the first time...

Being a mother for the first time is priceless, this I realised when I became one. After bearing long hours of labour pain, and feeling so famished, I first wanted to see my child before taking a long rest for the day. Her first cry was blissful to the ears.

Her touch was heavenly. That day was so special to me. How can I forget that day? So many people congratulated me and came to see us. Such is the first day for each mother. Very overwhelming but exhausting too!

It’s only on the day a child is born that the mother/ parents are being congratulated. But what about the other years, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on. We all give birthday wishes to the child. Presents are given to the child. And when the child is an adult, we love to take all the limelight on our birthdays.

It becomes a day where everyone calls or sends birthday wishes to us. But I think, as an adult, we should also give the credit to our mothers, it is a greater achievement for them too on this day.

These are solely my feelings which I would like to share with all of you. Therefore, I think that let's celebrate or acknowledge our mothers too on our birthdays.

A gift is not important, but to talk to them and just wish them ‘HAPPY DELIVERY DAY’, or remind them of their feeling on that day will be enough to create the magic.

If you are not able to talk to them, just remembering them will also make you feel nice.

These are my thoughts. What do you think? Do you also feel the same? Let me know in the comments below.