Mahesh Babu has special wishes for daughter Sitara on her 5th birthday!

Mahesh Babu has special wishes for daughter Sitara on her 5th birthday!

Namrata Shirodkar and hubby Mahesh has special wishes for daughter Sitara as she turned five today!

Handsome hunk from the south Mahesh Babu has stolen many hearts with his stellar performances since 2001. Married to the very charming Namrata Shirodkar in 2005, his much awaited bilingual film Spyder is all set to release on 27th September 2017.


But other than the pre-film release buzz, today is another special day for him. His daughter Sitara, turns 5 today!

Both Namrata and Mahesh Babu are super excited today and shared Sitara’s photos on social media.

My love my life my pride my madness my joy my daughter ❤❤❤❤I love you .. happiest happiest 5th birthday ❤❤??

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Making your child's birthday an affair to remember!

Depending on how you child is inclined best, here are a few unique ideas, that you could do for your baby’s big 5!

1.A trip to an old age home/orphanage/needy

Compassion begins early, and what better way to celebrate life and birthday by learning to care and give love to the needy. This will be one step to help your child imbibe the qualities of selflessness, love and sharing. The true joy seen in the less fortunate people's eyes will surely make your child joyful and be in gratitude from the start.

2.Fun cooking activity

You love feeding your little one with their favorite dish, but have you ever fed their curiosity behind a certain dish? Your child may actively run behind you when you enter the kitchen or imitate you the way you cook. Make an amazing meal for family and his friends and involve him in the procedure. A budding master-chef will be on the way!

3. A day at the beach

The best way to get close to nature and be free is to spend a day at the beach. Pack your snacks, beach clothes and a beach umbrella and make sure, that you participate in your child's quest in making a sand castle. If you have access to a BBQ maker on the beach, do not forget to utilize it as well.

4.A sporty day

Tired of running behind your super-active child? Channelize his energy to the correct direction. Take him to a football or cricket ground (or whichever sport he likes). Make sure all his friends participate along with you and your family members. This will also help in his sportsmanship spirit!

5. A trip to the zoo/botanic garden

In the midst of global warming, technology and play stations, the kids these days often are unable to relate to other living beings. A trip to the zoo or botanic garden, will not only be educative, but also take him out of the four walls and look at life beyond a screen.

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