THIS is what happened to the 4-year-old Mumbai boy who mistakenly drank acid

THIS is what happened to the 4-year-old Mumbai boy who mistakenly drank acid

Rajveer was brought to hospital with brutal injuries to the abdomen and food pipe. Though conscious, the boy was dehydrated and his condition was life-threatening

When a four-year-old Rajveer Kanojia accidentally drank concentrated sulphuric acid, all hope of his survival was lost. His food pipe and abdomen had grave injuries and his condition was "life-threatening" as the doctors put it.

The incident occurred in April when the kindergarten student, who was about to embark on a pilgrimage with his family reportedly drank 15 ml of concentrated sulphuric acid. This, when his father, who is a taxi driver, was waiting to change his car batteries and had kept the bottle filled with the clear liquid on a table.

Assuming it was water, the boy wasted no time and gulped it down within minutes, only to realise that it literally burned him from the inside. He began to cough and vomit blood and seeing the bottle in his hand, his father immediately realised what had happened.

"Rajveer was brought to hospital with brutal injuries to the abdomen and food pipe. Though conscious, the boy was dehydrated and his condition was life-threatening," noted Dr Lalit Verma, who is a consultant paediatric gastroenterologist at the Wockhardt Hospital on Mira Road.


The doctors however, noted that even though his food pipe and abdomen were grievously injured, his lungs and wind pipe remained unharmed. "Fortunately his respiratory track was not affected,' Dr Verma told the leading daily.

What happened to the boy?

Today, six months and four endoscopies later, Rajveer is thankfully back to his usual self. While he was not given any food through his mouth all this while, he is back to school and is "jumping and dancing," says his mother Asha.

This was possible, thanks to the intensive care he was put through by his doctors.

"While food intake through the mouth was stopped completely, a gastro-jejunal feeding tube was placed in the small intestine through laparoscopy on day three and liquid food was given," informed Dr Verma.

He added that Rajveer was administered protein-rich diet along with the addition of "medium chain triglyceride diet." Although the four-year-old is out of danger, he will have to keep coming back for regular check-ups, "as there is a one per cent chance that it may lead to cancer in later years," says Dr Verma.

However, this entire incident could have been avoided had the father done THIS one small thing!

Continue reading to see the precautions parents must take while travelling with young kids. 

Precautions while travelling with kids

If you are travelling with young kids, you'd probably already know that being cautious is the best way to keep them safe. However, this incident brings to the front the pertinent question of "How much can you keep an eye on your child?"

Could keeping a closer watch on Rajveer, have prevented him from consuming acid in the first place? Perhaps!

But here's how you can be cautious while going on a trip with your kids.

  • Be aware: Just as in Rajveer's case, had the father been a bit more careful in the first place and warned everybody to stay away from a bottle of acid kept on a table, the boy could have been saved. If you have something that can be harmful such as knives or chemicals, warn the kids to stay away from them.
  • Keep a close tab on your items: It is not easy to keep an eye on everything, but things that you feel could be dangerous should be lent a more watchful eye. Keep it away from kids and safe with you.


  • Help your kids: As much as we want our kids to be independent, it is also important that we first teach them the basics. This also includes packing. Sometimes kids like something that maybe shiny or interesting to look at and place it in a bag. It could be dangerous to let the kids do their packing unsupervised.
  • Ask for help: The best idea for you to be able to keep an eye on your kids is to ask your family members or somebody who is travelling with you to keep a close watch on the kid.
  • Inform the child: As parents it is our responsibility to inform our kids about where they might be going, how they are travelling and what they are expected to do and what they must in emergency situations. This can greatly prevent mishaps and also lets the child know that he/she is safe.

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