Gurugram's horror: 7-year-old Ryan International student found murdered in school washroom, bus conductor detained

Gurugram's horror: 7-year-old Ryan International student found murdered in school washroom, bus conductor detained

Pradhuman Thakur was found lying in a pool of blood with his throat slit. A bus conductor who reportedly sexually assaulted and murdered Thakur has been detained.

In a case that is as shocking as it is cold, a 7-year-old student of Ryan International School, Bhondsi, Gurugram, was reportedly found murdered in the school washroom today.

The boy has been identified as Pradhuman Thakur, and is a class II student of the famous franchise school.

As per early reports, his body was uncovered by a fellow classmate when he went to use the washroom. He found Thakur's body lying in his own pool of blood with his throat slit. A knife (supposedly with which he was killed) was also lying next to his body.

The terrified student then immediately informed his teachers and the school administration. Upon which the police was called and he was rushed to the Artemis Hospital.

Incident occurred early morning

The incident occurred early morning when Thakur came to school at 8.15 am. After 30 minutes his father received a call from the school authorities informing him about his son's death.

At the moment, the only detail that has been revealed is that the police found injury marks in his neck and the knife, which was reportedly the weapon of murder.

"They told me his health deteriorated suddenly"

Pradhuman's father Varun Thakur spoke to Indian Express and said, “It is a clear case of murder, don’t know what happened but I am sure its murder.”

“They told me his health deteriorated suddenly. They did not take care of my son. He could have been saved if he had been taken to hospital in time. I dropped him today at around 7:30 a.m. He was happy,” the grieving father told the daily.

This incident has outraged the parenting community in Delhi-NCR who are now seeking answers for Thakur's death.

Did he see something he was not supposed to? Or did somebody want him dead due to a personal vendetta with the family? Why was he murdered in school? How come nobody heard his cries for help? Did he know his murderer?

These are a few of the many questions that are now being posed against the school authorities who were clearly oblivious of the incident till Thakur's classmate brought it to their notice.

"He was declared brought dead by doctors"

At the moment, this case is reportedly being investigated by the Gurugram Police and more details are awaited.

“The students alerted the teachers and the school management then informed police, who rushed him to Artemis Hospital. He was declared brought dead by doctors,” said Ravinder Kumar, the PRO of Gurgaon Police, as he spoke to the media.

Bus conductor among 10 detained, probable cause of sexual assault

Updated reports quote Gurugram Police as saying that a bus conductor of the school tried to sexually assault the boy.

"We have detained 10 people, including a gardener and drivers and conductors. We have been investigating their role since early morning," Sumit Kuhar, DCP Crime, Gurgaon, told TOI.

Meanwhile, Neerja Batra, Caretaker, Ryan International School, told media that she was unaware of the exact incident. But the authorities rushed Thakur to the hospital as soon as they found his body.

Many cases of school negligence in India

Unfortunately, this is not the first case of school negligence by Ryan International.

In January 2015, a six-year-old student of their Vasant Kunj branch was found dead in the school water tank. He was identified as Devansh Kakrora.

Sadly, there have been many such cases of negligence in other schools as well.

Just last month Arman Sehgal, 10, a class IV student of GD Goenka International School, Indirapuram, succumbed to his injuries after he slipped from the second floor and fell down.

In March this year, Prabhjot Singh, 5, a kindergarten school student was reportedly crushed under his school bus just outside the school gates. The fateful incident took place at 9.15 am when the bus of his school, SM International School, Friends Colony, near the Patiala-Rajpura road, starting to disembark the students.

All these incidences make it even more important for parents to be extra vigilant about the schools in which they admit their kids.

Child safety in school

Although once your ward is in school, it is their responsibility to take care of him/her, as parents you must ensure that they have all the safety provisions in place.

While we have shared them before, we will again list a few things about child safety you must keep in mind when checking out a school.

  • Ask your child if he/she feels safe in his or her school and where it is that they feel the safest (within the premises). This will tell you about the safety procedures of the school and the guards they may have employed.
  • Ask the authorities about the procedure to report irregularities. Also make sure to know how long it takes for them to reach a solution and how they implement corrective measures.
  • Ask the school authorities if they have a safety procedure in place, especially in case of medical emergency. Also make sure to ask if they have communicated the same to the students.
  • Enquire about the training that the school administration, personnel and staff has undergone in case of an emergency. You must also be informed if regular drills take place in the school to prepare everybody for unforeseen circumstances.
  • Finally, ask them how you as a parent can help with better informing and preparing a child as far as safety is concerned.

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