TV couple Gurmeet Chaudhary and Debina Bonnerjee had a secret wedding in 2006. Here's proof!

TV couple Gurmeet Chaudhary and Debina Bonnerjee had a secret wedding in 2006. Here's proof!

That's not all. The duo ran away to get secretly married!

They are one of television's sweetest couples and have been married for around six years now. However, unofficially the famous Ram-Sita pair was secretly married for almost six years before they made their marital status public.

Yes, that's right. And this is not a figment of the media's imagination and is, in fact, the truth. Gurmeet himself let this secret out in a social media post last week. He also posted a few pics from their secret wedding on Twitter and revealed how he got married with Debina.


"Throwback to this crazy time when Debina and I ran away and got married Sathiya style": he wrote as the caption letting it out that the couple was married way before they had a registered marriage in 2011.

The couple has a really sweet love story as well. They both met on the sets of the superhit show Ramayana and soon became real-life husband and wife.

The star couple also recently became parents to two lovely girls recently who they adopted from Jarampur, Gurmeet's paternal village.

Pooja and Lata, the two little girls who will complete the family, both belong to Gurmeet’s paternal village. Pooja is an orphan, while Lata’s father passed away some time back. Gurmeet’s parents realised that the girls would have to work as domestic help to sustain themselves, and soon Gurmeet heard about it too.

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"All the paperwork is done. We will be going to Jarampur for the final signatures after Holi. It is a two-day process.Everybody, including my parents, keep asking me when I'm planning a baby. Well, it's official now, I'm bringing home two daughters and we couldn't be more excited," said Gurmeet.

"The general belief is that you only adopt if you can't have children of your own.That's not true at all. Both Debina and I love kids and plan to have a couple of our own in the future. And when they come along they will be siblings for Pooja and Lata and all the Choudharys will happily live together under one roof," he added.


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Getting to know your adopted kids

Getting to know your adopted kids, especially if they are as big as 3 and 6, can be a challenging task. Now that Gurmeet and Debina and ready to embrace parenthood and take care of two little girls, there are a few things that they should keep in mind.

1. Never hide the reality from them or anyone around: If your adopted kids are too old to understand the meaning of adoption, just like in Gurmeet and Debina's case, never hide the reality from them or anyone else as it could lead to differences later on.

2. Give them time to warm up: Living in a new home amongst new surroundings means that your adopted kid/kids would take time to adjust and warm up to you and the new place. Don't be in a hurry to get things started. Take each day as it comes and let them take the first step.

3. Give them control: Make them in charge and involve in the family's decisions and choices. This would make them feel special and involved in the day-to-day activities and they would slowly open up to you.

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