Grandfather-to-be Randhir Kapoor has a special message for Kareena's baby!

Grandfather-to-be Randhir Kapoor has a special message for Kareena's baby!

"We cannot wait for her child to come along, I'm going to spoil my grandchild!" says grandfather-to-be, Randhir Kapoor

Ever since we were made privy to Kareena Kapoor Khan’s pregnancy by hubby Saif Ali Khan, the one person who seems to be the most elated by it was perhaps granddad-to-be, Randhir Kapoor.

The usually jolly and forthright Kapoor scion, who has so far been mum on the subject of his daughter’s pregnancy has finally spoken out. And mind you, he is mincing no words to express his happiness at the arrival of a new member of his family.

Soon after the entire Kapoor khandaan gathered to celebrate the glowing mum-to-be’s birthday, granddad-to-be Randhir Kapoor spoke the media about his views on Kareena’s pregnancy and his plans for the baby.

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On getting together for Kareena’s birthday

Beginning with how the entire family came together for her birthday, Randhir said that the feat was almost impossible to achieve given how packed everybody’s schedules are how they are always travelling.

“We’re a noisy family of foodies. There are so many of us all over the country that it’s impossible to bring us all together under one roof, but quite a few of us turned up to wish Bebo good health,” he reportedly said.

Almost the entire family including Saif’s daughter Sara Ali Khan and brother-in-law Kunal Khemu were present at the do and so was Bebo’s superstar brother Ranbir Kapoor.

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In fact, Kareena had already intimated the media that her birthday going to be a closed family affair.

“My birthday will be a private affair with family, close friends and great food. For me, it’s not really about the parties, quick getaways or ever discussing work, but spending time with the people I love,” she had told to a leading Mumbai daily.

On Kareena’s baby

On being questioned about his views on his daughter Kareena’s impending pregnancy and the much awaited arrival of sabse chotte Nawab, he quipped, “We cannot wait for her child to come along, I’m going to spoil my grandchild!”

Now that’s spoken like a true-blue Indian nana!

Continue reading to see why Randhir Kapoor makes for a compelling case for why children must be around their grandkids. 

As Randhir Kapoor non-chalantly expressed his excitement over becoming a nana for the third time, he highlighted an important part of our culture which we have almost forgotten- that of living with grandparents.

While our earlier generation, our parents and uncle and aunts had great many stories about living with their grandparents, ours being a nuclear (family) generation could only occasionally enjoy those perks.

4 reasons grandparents could be the best thing for your child!

But is it really that important to live with grandparents? Well, perhaps its not such a bad idea. Here’s why:

  • They have an emotional connect: While we’re are here to provide emotional support to our kids and may not want to have our parents babysit our children, it is the emotional connect and safety that a child feels with his/her grandparents that no nanny or teacher cannot provide. Parents may have to be strict or disciplinarian at times and children may not share all of their feelings with them, but with grandparents, kids are more at ease.
  • They are more relaxed: Having seen so much of the world and with a lifetime of experience, grandparents may not sweat the small stuff and this rather ‘cool’ attitude can only be passed on from a grandparent to his/her grandchild. Grandparents can lend a wider view of things, which can help kids solve many problems.

grandparents and their importance

  • They’re willing to invest time: Perhaps one of the best things about having a grandparent is the amount of time they are willing and happy to invest in their grandchild. While most working parents work hard to make ends meet, their kids can be looked after lovingly by their grandparents, if they so desire. This means that they kids grow up in a loving family environment.
  • They have all the ‘cool’ stories: Parents might not know everything about their family, but the grandparents do. They often have humourous stories to narrate and that sometimes may include the parents. But these light-hearted banters can go a long way in forging close relationship between extended families. Again, something only grandparents can do!

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