Government to make marital rape a crime with ‘comprehensive law'

Government to make marital rape a crime with ‘comprehensive law'

The government is waiting for the Law Commission report on the issue before coming out with a final decision

In what can be hailed as a landmark move, the Centre has announced that it will bring a ‘comprehensive law’ to criminalise marital rape by amending the Indian Penal Code, reports the Times Of India. The government added that it was waiting for the Law Commission Report on the issue.

Minister of state for home affairs Kiran Rijiju said in Rajya Sabha that the subject of marital rape is very sensitive and that it has been dealt in detail by a Parliamentary Committee and Law Commission. In its report, the Committee has asked for the criminal system of law to be comprehensively reviewed.

There is already a clause under Section 498A that deals with cruelty against women, Rijiju said and that’s why the Centre is waiting for the Law Commission report. 

However, Rajya Sabha deputy chairman PJ Kurien had a different take on the issue. He said that rape is a crime irrespective of who the perpetrator is and questioned the need to wait for the report. 

The Law Commission started looking into the matter in 2013. Last year, the commission had identified focus areas and created sub-groups to deliberate on them. It is actively pursuing the issue and a final report is expected soon.

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