Your child can be the next Kautilya Pandit. Here's how!

Your child can be the next Kautilya Pandit. Here's how!

What is required to build the mental capabilities of your child? Is it all genetic or is it in your hand to give your kid the brain powers of an intellectual? Find your answer here.

Have you been wondering about how to build a sharp child memory power? You must have seen the wonder kid Kautilya Pandit in the recent news.

The super whiz kid is 6 years old and has stunned educationists and scientists alike with his remarkable memory powers far beyond his age.

Kautilya Pandit has a wondrous capability of remembering almost everything that is said to him. He is able to speak voluminously on several topics like the world economy, the dollar fluctuation, international issues and so on.

Educationists are now trying to conduct research on him to understand the pattern with which he memorizes facts and figures and commits them to his memory.

Would you like to know what are the reason’s for the astounding memory powers of Kautilya Pandit? Better still, would you want to develop such amazing powers in your kid so that he becomes well-known as the super whiz kid of the next generation?

Well then read on to know more, on how you can lay the road achieve this goal in brief yet strong steps.

Childhood memory is short-term

Scientifically Proven Ways

Most children have very limited memory powers before the age of three. However, the good news is that this phase is only short lived. Memory powers do grow with age and with a little attention, you can actually reinforce the memory powers of your child and boost his thinking skills to amazing levels.

Ways to boost your child memory power!

There are numerous ways that you can boost your kid’s mental prowess. There is no specific age to start trying. Some people even consume special foods to boost the memory of their yet to be born kids!

However, it is advisable that you do not stress the child out with this objective nor make it the center of your existence. Let’s look at some easy ways to get going on this track.

Childhood games

Who would have thought that a kiddish game like “I spy” can actually turn out to be an effective memory booster. For toddlers, try games like playing with multicolored objects and then hiding some of them. Subsequently, ask the kid to spot what is missing.

For older kids, get them to add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers around you (e.g. Number plates, milestone signs). Board games, puzzles, counting games and so on are also excellent ways to get your child to effectively use his brain power.

Inculcate a habit of active playing

Make sure your child gets ample opportunity to run around, jump, climb trees and play physical games daily. A regular dose of physical activity can actually push the brain to learn more and enhance memory.

Asking questions

Keep asking your child about things that happened to him during the course of the day. Ask about what happened at school, what he ate, what he played and what he wrote.

I did this with my son and within a couple of months, I noted a pattern in my child of telling me things that he would not talk about before, like, “Today, Rita ma’am put the alphabet song for us on the smart board.”

My son took pains to remember what happened at school and then shared it with me simply because he knew that I was interested.

He told me about whom we played with, who cried in class, what he wrote and who spilled the milk in the meal room! Questions egg kids to observe more and remember things and this improves the child memory power. Simple, right?

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Child Memory Power

Child Memory Power: Help your kid to get a remarkable memory like Kautilya Pandit’s

More ways to boost the child memory power

1.Reading and Singing: Music can be a powerful tool to boost child memory power. Ever wonder why kids belt out nursery rhymes with ease while they can’t remember some other more common things (e.g. Wash your hands after going to the toilet). Well, music tends to improve retention and has an amazing capacity to boost memory.
Same is with stories. Read out a story to your kid. Next time ask him to tell you the story. Say a line and then ask him what happened next. Cinderella ran out of the ballroom and then what happened? Sometimes you will be surprised what wicked twists they can lay to the story themselves simply by using their fantasy.

2.Ask for their help: Involve your kids in your daily activity. I often ask my kid what goes in next into the dish that we are making. If I am making his favorite corn salad, I ask him to tell me what goes in next.

When we are at the grocery shop, or giving out change for parking, we ask him to hand over the currency. He gets to count the money, hand it over and take the slip and then he gets loads of pats and kisses. You must see him sitting on a cloud after that!

3.No compromise on sleeping time: Make sure that your kid gets enough sleep time. Toddlers need 11-13 hours of sleep per day. Sleep is vital for recharging the body, erasing the less important details etched in the memory while retaining the important ones.

4. Power foods: It is also essential that your kids get sufficient nutrition to allow their brain to develop properly. Food rich in Omega 3 (fish like sardines, mackerel, nuts, seeds etc.), vitamin B, vitaminB12 and Folate are very important for boosting child memory power.

Folate sources include orange juice, broccoli, spinach, beans and avocado, while vitamin B are found in dairy, whole grains and vegetables.

Apart from this, ensure that your kids drink lots of water (8-10 glasses) and have sufficient exposure to fresh air. Oxygen stimulates the brain and increases blood supply to it, helping brain cells to regenerate.

The final word would be to have faith in your child’s capabilities. Remember that each kid is different and there is no meaning in comparing any two of them.

Kautilya Pandit might be a genius, but your kid can be no less. Egg your child on to improve his qualities whatever they are and you will find that the new-found confidence reveals a super strong personality that will make him believe in himself and in his power to achieve the impossible.



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Written by

Indu Roy

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