Adorable video of a little girl painting with her dog's tail goes viral

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This absolutely adorable video of a girl using her dog's tail as a paint brush has got netizens talking. Read on to know how having a pet helps your child.

This absolutely adorable video of a girl using her dog's tail to paint is attracting commentary on the co-relation between having a pet and positive developmental growth of children. If you also have a young child and a pet at home, here's why you should continue to nurture their bond:

  • Reduces chances of allergies in children: A recent study published in the American journal Pediatrics, states that children who spent the first five years of their lives with a pet had 33 percent fewer respiratory tract infections, as compared to those who did not.
  • Help fight depression: Pets help beat the blues. Their ability to love unconditionally also provides a sense of purpose and companionship to the owners. Pets also combat a feeling of loneliness and boost the overall mood.
  • Make your child feel secure: Caring for a pet, whether it be a dog or a cat or any animal for that matter, helps the child develop compassion and provide companionship to older adults. Children also learn to care and share with a pet.
  • Help in autism: Having a pet also means helping an autistic child develop better social skills. They also act as the communication bridge, helping children to interact better.
  • Keeps the child active: Pets in the house keep children and other members in the house, active and energetic. They are able to engage young children in physical activity since pets are not too fond of a sedentary lifestyle. You can take your dog for a 30-minute walk and ask your child to join. This way you not only bond better with your child, you also encourage them to maintain physical activity.

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