Must read: Girl breaks the Internet with her post on menstruation

Must read: Girl breaks the Internet with her post on menstruation

A young girl shared her experience about menstruation on Facebook and shamed all. Read on to know more about this post and ways to prepare your preteen for menstruation.

It was to be a normal day for the young Kolkata-girl, Anushka Dasgupta. Except, it was not.

While returning home from a long tiring day, she faced ogling men and women giving her a side eye, all because she stained her pants with menstrual blood. But this brave girl did not care about the unnatural glances for something that was so natural. She shared her experience asking girls to not be ashamed, in post that has now broken the Internet.

Here’s what she wrote:

“I came home today at four minutes past nine after a long walk, a metro journey and a 10 minute bus ride.

There's nothing unusual about my evening except for the fact that multiple women walked up to me on my way home and asked me to pull my tee shirt down, most men ogled, all the kids I met didn't notice/care. I came to know why I was the centre of attention for the better of my journey when a woman (well meaning, I'm sure) offered me a sanitary napkin. I had stained my pants.”

She goes on to write, “So here I was, well past eight, standing alone at Esplanade with a massive red stain across my butt and a rather artistic red dot under the zipper of my pants.”

Explaining that the post for all the people who offered to help her hide her ‘womanhood’ she writes, “I AM NOT ASHAMED. I bleed every 28-35 days, it is painful at times, I get moody at times, but I walk into the kitchen and get myself some chocolate biscuits and I'm good to go for the next eight hours come hell or high water because I AM NOT ASHAMED.”

Take a look at her post.

Dasguptas’ story is reflection of how we may be going wrong in teaching our children about menstruation. Of course, it can be a harrowing experience for young girls who face it for the first time, but it is not something that can be ignored or hidden as a taboo.

If you are also planning to start a conversation with your daughter about menstruation, the key is to begin as soon as possible.

Menstruation: prepare your preteen for her period

Most girls start menstruating between the ages of 10 and 12 years. That is why you must prepare them for what's to come before they hit this number. You may take a clue from these golden rules to discuss this important topic:

  • The sooner, the better: Begin by talking about the physical changes she may encounter in her body. You can avoid sitting down for a tell-all, this may scare her a bit. Instead, you can highlight various issues such as hygiene and staining. You may share your personal experiences with her and encourage her to ask questions.
  • Explain the practical aspect: Begin by explaining the meaning of menstruation. Also include answers of questions like 'Will it hurt?' 'When will it happen?' 'What should I do when it happens for the first time?' 'What if I am at school?' 'Will everybody know that I am on my periods?' 'What should I do if I get a stain on my clothes?'
  • Tracking the cycle: Once you explain the process and answer these important questions, you must teach her to track her menstrual cycle. The average menstrual cycle lasts for about 28 days, so if she faces irregularity, encourage her to discuss it with you, so you may take it up with a medical practitioner.

It is important to remember that every person is different and therefore, menstrual cycles are also unique to each person. And your daughter's first period will be a developmental milestone for her, and she will need your support and help to get past the initial awkwardness.

But let's not forget that it is after all a natural phenomenon that all women go through and there is nothing to be ashamed about.

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