5 useful gifts for new parents

5 useful gifts for new parents

Choosing the right gift for new parents is a daunting task. Here are 5 gifting ideas you can choose from.

Shopping for a baby is overwhelming, even more so if it is a gift! The trend to shop before the arrival of the baby has started catching up in India. E-commerce websites have helped parents create registries for the same. However, it is a daunting task to choose a right gift, one that is truly useful for the baby and the parents.

These are five things new parents find useful.

#1 Clothes and toys

When we were shopping for the baby, we did not anticipate the amount of clothes we needed. What we provisioned for a week, he went through it in a day! Clothes as a gift are always welcome.

If you are planning to gift some clothes, it is a good idea to gift body suit sets. Parents would have shopped for the early clothes, so 3-6 months clothes tend to be a good idea.

Toys play an important role in the life of a kid early on. You can invest in some good quality crib toys, educational toys or toys that can be used when he is in a car seat.

You can also go for unique gifts that the parents would cherish. My cousin gifted us with an impression clay, and we have a hand and a foot impression of the kid that we will cherish throughout our lives.


#2 Diaper Accessories

There are a few things that the parents would need for the diapering requirements of the child. Diaper organisers and diaper bags are good gift ideas: just make sure that the parents do not possess these.

Things to look for in a Diaper bag are

• Wipes dispenser
• Independent compartment for diapers
• Diaper mat
• Insulated compartment for milk
• Space to carry extra set of clothes and other things

There are a few very good bags available online, and ask the dad about his preference - messenger bag or a backpack.

Read on to know about more gifting ideas

#3 Investment for the kid’s future

Money is one of the best gifts you can give to the kid, but there are some very thoughtful ways you can do so.

You can team up with a group of friends and open a savings account or take an insurance policy for the kid, keeping the parents in the loop. It would be highly appreciated.

You can also pay off an instalment for Cord blood banking if the parents have opted for it. This gesture would go a long way and would be highly appreciated.

#4 Sterilisers

This is an absolute must for the parents. There are various types of sterilisers, though the most common ones are the steam sterilisers. Talk to the parents about their preferred brand as the bottles and the steriliser would go together.

A microwave steriliser is a good second steriliser for the parents when they are on the go.

#5 Baby Carriers

Though strollers have become more visible in India, baby carriers are the preferred choice of many parents to carry the infant around. A good baby carrier is a perfect gift for the parents as it keeps the hands free while roaming around with the baby. The kids love the warmth and sleep peacefully while the parents can carry out the daily activities.

Being there for them is one gift every parent appreciates, but that is not always possible. These gifting ideas would help you choose a useful gift for the kid and would come as close seconds.

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Anay Bhalerao

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