Here are the most effective desi remedies that can cure ovarian cysts!

While most cysts are harmless and present little or no symptoms, there are also cysts that, if ruptured, can create serious health issues.

According to gynecologists a growing number of women suffer from ovarian cysts at least once or twice during their lives. It affects a majority of pre-menopausal women but is also found in women post menopause.

The main reason for formation of ovarian cysts remains hormonal imbalance. According to researches, an excess of estrogen in the body results in the formation of ovarian cysts.

While most cysts are harmless and present little or no symptoms, there are also cysts that, if ruptured, can create serious health issues.

A harmless cyst often disappears on its own and most women only come to know that they have cysts during an accidental finding.

Types of cysts

Functional cysts: In the natural process, a female body produces follicles each month. These structures resemble cysts and they release an egg during the monthly cycle. Sometimes, the monthly follicle produced by the body continues to grow, thus forming a cyst which is known as functional cysts. But the good news is that functional cysts are harmless and often disappear on their own in due course of time.

Other cysts: There are other types of cysts too such as dermoid, cystadenomas or endometriomas, that form due to various reasons such as growing of endometrial walls and other factors in the body. Some of these types of cysts can become large and can be filled with water or mucous. This can be painful and in some cases, even rupture.

Desi remedies to cure the cysts

#1 Herbal teas: Chamomile tea and other herbal teas such as mint, blackberry or raspberry are known to have a very soothing effect on conditions such as cysts. Herbal teas calm you down and also reduce the pain. The warm teas are also helpful in regulating your monthly cycles, thus increasing the chance of the cysts disappearing as your monthly flow becomes more regularized.

#2 Beetroot juice: Beetroot contains a substance called betacyanin that has the ability to clear out toxins from the body. You can juice up a beetroot and mix it with carrots and other veggies and have it till your symptoms begin clearing up.

#3 Hot compresses: Hot compresses go a long way in relaxing the symptoms originating from a cyst. Many also suggest soaking warm castor oil on a cloth and compressing it on your stomach. Take note that the oil is not supposed to be consumed or applied if there are any wounds or injury on the skin. Also, avoid it if you are pregnant or suffering from any other ailment. It is best to consult a doctor before you use even a desi remedy such as this one too.

#4 Avoid soy: Processed soy products contain a substance that mimic estrogen and can aid in formation of cysts, so it is best to eliminate soy from your diet completely.

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