Genelia Deshmukh's anniversary message for hubby Riteish Deshmukh is too CUTE to miss!

Genelia Deshmukh's anniversary message for hubby Riteish Deshmukh is too CUTE to miss!

The couple celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary today!

There's no doubt that Genelia and Riteish Deshmukh are perhaps one of the cutest couples of Bollywood. But what makes them stand out amongst all the others is the fact that they are so real and relatable.

They hang out like teenagers, they like to spend time together amidst nature far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, they make sure both their sons gets the best of both worlds, they understand the importance of family and grandparents for their kids and when they're at home they go silly playing with their kids. Such is their love and commitment towards each other that it looks like they've been together for years!


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But, in reality, you'd be amazed to know that they have only completed five years of matrimony. Yes, that's right! Riteish and Genelia celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary today and Genelia had the sweetest way of wishing her hubby of five years.

The yummy mummy of two little boys took to Instagram and posted an adorable picture of the two of them along with a sweet message for the love of her life.


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"I will always hold onto you so tight and that's because I know something so amazing doesn't happen twice. Happy Anniversary @riteishd .. thank you for changing the meaning of "Home" from a place to a person for me. #mykindalove #wedidgoodhoney #tothebestandrestofourlives," she wrote in the emotional message.

In his reply, Riteish posted another heartwarming message along with a sweet picture from their wedding: "I look at you & find myself, a stronger self, a better self, a happy self, a blessed self. Happy Anniversary Baiko."


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Isn't it amazing that the two share a chemistry like newly-weds even after five years of marriage! And that too with two toddlers to take care of during the day, besides their numerous professional assignments and their respective in-laws and family commitments.

So if you want to have a happily married life like Riteish and Genelia, here are some rules that you must adhere to.

1. Give compliments to each other: No matter how long you've been married to, every spouse likes a compliment every now and then. Giving sincere and simple compliments really means a lot. That’s why you should never be shy to compliment your spouse not just for how they look, but also for the food they cooked, the good job they did at work today, or for just simply being a good parent to your children.

2. They don't take a fight to bed: It’s normal for couples to fight, it’s a part of all healthy relationships. But what really makes the difference is that when it comes to happy couples, they don’t go below the belt. Insulting each other, or bringing up past problems isn’t something that they do. Also, happy couples never take a fight to bed. They sort out their matters beforehand.

3. They don't shy away from showing affection: The happiest couples aren’t afraid to show affection to each other – even in public. So, go ahead and hold your spouse’s hand when you’re shopping in the mall or snuggle up to them when you’re at the movies with your friends. A little PDA can go a long way.

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