Geeta Basra just shared her baby's first picture and followed the most important social media rule!

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The new mum didn't shared the face of her baby, and that's exactly what you should do if you want to share pictures of your little ones!

Just nine days after Harbhajan Singh and Geeta Basra became parents to a baby girl, the new mum sent out a message thanking everybody for their congratulatory wishes.

She took to Twitter and Instagram to do the needful and shared an adorable picture of her baby girl holding her finger. She wrote: "Thank you everyone for the love and beautiful wishes for our little angel.. #blessed #Godsmiracle #bestfeeling"

Thank you everyone for the love and beautiful wishes for our little angel.. #blessed #Godsmiracle #bestfeeling

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The good news was broken by Harbhajan Singh’s mother Avtar Kaur in an interview to a leading regional daily in the north. She also told reporters that the mother and baby were both doing fine. And by the looks of this new picture, it seems that Basra is clearly enjoying her new role as a mum.

But did you notice something peculiar in this picture?

The new mum didn't share the face of the baby, just like Genelia D'souza Deshmukh. And, you know what, that's exactly what you should do if you want to share pictures of your little ones!

Continue reading to see the social media rules you must follow while posting pictures of babies.

4 golden social media rules for parents of newborns

#1 Do not post pictures of their face

Yes, you have just become a new parent and you want to share your joy with the world, but know that the world is not made sugar and spice and everything nice! Social media in particular, is also filled with hateful stalkers who love to body shame even a small baby. Unless you want your baby to be subjected to rants that include words like 'ugly' or 'fat,' keep your baby's pictures to yourself for a few months.

#2 Do not post bath time photos

While your kid enjoying his bath time in a tub, sudsing up to a soap bar might be a cute moment to remember, it’s certainly not a good idea to post pictures of naked kids on the Internet. It's a golden opportunity for peadophiles to abuse these pictures and indulge in child pornography.

#3 Do not post pictures of potty-training

How and when your child learns to do his business should not be anybody else’s business. Do you really want your child to see embarrassing pictures of themselves in the future? It’s also not a good practice to share such intimate moments with people online. Remember, whatever you share online lasts forever!

#4 Do not post pictures of other babies

They may be your friend's baby, but unless you have their permission, do not go ahead and post their picture on social media. You will invite unnecessary comments from people who don't know the baby and may even embarrass the parents. This is also a good idea if the baby is as young as a few months.

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