Must watch: Mum Geeta Basra holds on to Hinaya as they sail on a fast yacht!

Must watch: Mum Geeta Basra holds on to Hinaya as they sail on a fast yacht!

The new parents took their daughter Hinaya out for her first ever yacht ride and she had the cutest reaction!

New parents Geeta Basra and Harbhajan Singh are at a very important juncture in their lives. Their daughter Hinaya Heer Plaha just turned nine months and that means they have to get ready for her first few milestones.

At the moment she is experiencing life mostly with her parents, but it seems that dad Harbhajan is determined to make her a more extrovert kid. No wonder then, he took his beloved wife and baby girl for a quick getaway in a yacht.

He shared a rather cute video of the three cruising around in the fast-moving yacht and Hinaya is clearly enjoying this new adventure.

Harbhajan is taking daughter on new adventures

Along with the thrilling video, Singh also wrote: "Trip to Alibaugh...with family and friends" and also tagged all his friends.

Take a look at how Hinaya reacts (In the Instagram video below) to the fast moves of the ship as she stands on her mum's lap, holding tightly on to her.

And, might we add that Hinaya looks quite like her dad now, who is extremely excited to initiate her into newer adventures.

In fact, talking fondly about how he doesn't intend on missing out on any of her milestones, the doting father shared, "She will always be (my) priority now....My daughter is growing up and I want to live every moment of it."

Singh wants to be a great dad

Singh is by his own admission quite hands-on and has been since the pregnancy. Whether it is attending prenatal classes or changing diapers, he has done it all.

"When she sleeps, we sleep. When she is up, we are up. I am doing all to be a great dad to her. Just want to be the best one for my little one. Hopefully, I can fulfil all her needs,” he shared.

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Well, it seems that he is taking his daddy duties seriously and certainly working towards not missing out on any of her milestones. But now that she is nine-months-old what can the Singh's expect in terms of milestones?

Well, here are a few initial milestones of a newborn that you can keep an eye on and perhaps capture on camera, just as Harbhajan did with Hinaya's first ever yacht ride.

7 cute milestones of your baby that you'll cherish forever

When you are around your little bundle of joy, there is never a dull moment. So rest assured you can be prepared with your camera to capture some 'firsts' with him.

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Just in case you are wondering what they may be, here's a simple list of some bittersweet milestones that you will cherish forever.

  • When your baby would outgrow their newborn and/or size one diapers
  • When your baby nurses or bottle-feeds for the last time
  • When your baby walks for the very first time
  • When they outgrow the baby carrier
  • When they are no longer soothed by swaddling
  • When those tiny shoes have become heirlooms instead of a part of their everyday attire
  • When your baby gives you those toddler kisses and needs you to hug him all the time

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