10 funny questions women Google when they are pregnant

10 funny questions women Google when they are pregnant

Perhaps you can relate to these funny questions women Google, as much as I did when I first saw the two pink lines

When you first see those two pink lines, you know that you are about to transcend on a beautiful journey. But with the beginning of something so amazing, come many doubts. You wonder about many things and are uncertain about almost everything!

Funny enough, sometimes you may even feel as if you completely forgot how normal human functions, and everyday activities become questions! But, fret not. We've all been there and taken the help of either reliable parenting websites or Dr Google.

Personally, I browsed for answers to many questions myself, but there were a few that caught my attention as the funniest ever!

#1 Can I eat 'normal' food like...

Just fill in the blanks with whatever food items pops into your head first and voila! There's your question. From tomato, to suji, to paneer, to mutton and even chalk. Yes! Chalk! Pregnancy can given women crazy cravings and there is no end to what they would want to eat. But they don't want to harm their baby or are not sure if that food is safe for him. Solution? Google it!

#2 Can I bend over or reach out or carry...

This is probably a common question. Many women wonder if the baby would just slip out or hurt itself if you bend over or carry something. These activities are normal and do not require much thinking, but now that you are pregnant, they have become a question mark.

#3 Can I have sex and not poke the baby?

Yes, you can have sex during pregnancy and 'No' your husband's penis will not poke the baby. Most women are often confused about and it's funny because we all read a bit of biology and learnt that a penis is not a one foot-long tube! It's a common question, nonetheless.

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#4 Will peeing so much damage my bladder?

It's a fact that you may loose bladder control because of your pregnancy. But that's pretty much it with your bladder. Nothing will damage just because you have a new life in you. In fact, if you pee as much, it means that your bladder is clearing itself off toxins and that's a good sign for your health.

#5 Can drinking enough milk improve my baby's complexion?

The fact is that all that biology or genetic training cannot hold true to an old wives tale that advises women to drink more 'white' food items to improve their baby's complexion. Be it adding saffron to foods or eating yogurt or other diary products or just standing in front of a full moon! But do remember that these are just woebegone guidelines.

#6 Is it safe to go out in the Sun?

Unless the Sun is extremely harsh, there should not be a problem in heading out. After all, your baby needs vitamin D too, and the Sun pretty much is its best source. So take an umbrella if you feel it's too harsh (don't forget to take a water bottle along) and head out for a nice long walk early morning or even during sunset.

#7 When my water breaks, is actual water going to come out?

Well, good question. This is something that your doctor should have told you when you discussed a birth plan. But he hasn't, fret not. It's not going to be actual water, but amniotic fluid that resembles water, and is pretty much colourless. It'll trickle or gush out indicating that your baby is ready to come out.

#8 I feel extreme pain in my stomach, am I in false labour?

Well, unless you have been there and done that, you can easily be given the benefit of doubt. Because since you actually have never experienced labour before, you would not know how excruciating it could be. Just to be in the clear, ask your doctor for advice and if need be, ask your partner to take you to the hospital immediately.

#9 Can eating ghee before labour make the delivery faster?

This is another old wives tale that is probably still very much in use in urban India. Therefore, it validates your question, because most of us have in fact, heard this tale before. So unless you really really like the taste of ghee and are okay about gaining a few kilos, enjoy!

#10 I just spotted two drops of blood, is my baby aborted?

Spotting during pregnancy is fairly common and occurs in about one-third of all pregnancies. But getting freaked out about two drops of blood is taking it a bit too far. So unless you are bleeding, which can be indicative of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, placental abruption or placenta previa; you don't have to worry too much.

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