Funniest things overworked, underslept mums have done

Funniest things overworked, underslept mums have done

Everyone's human and we all make mistakes, these mums shared their funniest ones!

Moms are very hard working individuals. Not many people can say that their workload is on par with a mom’s. With all of the motherly responsibilities and daily chores to boot, it’s crazy to think that moms can still find the time to get a good night’s rest.

Well…get a good night’s rest sometimes. Other times (most times), moms are left wishing they got just a little bit more sleep. Moms who don’t get enough sleep, just like anyone else, aren’t always at the top of their game. Everyone’s human and we all make mistakes, that applies to moms as well.

BuzzFeed recently took the time to ask their in-house moms to share some of the funniest and most ridiculous things that they’ve done while completely exhausted from life as a mommy. The results are sidesplittingly funny!

Check out some of our favorites from the list:

1. “I walked out to my car and strapped my son into his car seat before I realized that I didn’t have pants on.”




2. “I was so tired I forgot our son’s name. I gestured to the monitor and asked my husband, ‘How’s what’s-his-face doing?”

whats his name


3. “I made coffee without any coffee grinds. It wasn’t until the second sip that I realized I was just drinking hot water.”




4. “I kept trying to open the front door of my house by pressing the unlock button of my car key.”


5. “I walked right up to my husband and put our son’s pacifier into his mouth.”



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6. “When my baby woke up in the middle of the night crying I answered the door thinking it was someone ringing the doorbell.”

front door


7. “I folded an entire basket of dirty laundry.”



8. “I once tried to put on a pull-up instead of underwear after showering. Then I cried when I couldn’t get it on.”



9. “I finished a full grocery shopping trip, then fastened the baby into her car seat and drove away — leaving all of the groceries in the cart in the parking lot.”



10. “I had to go a whole day at work like this:”

Source: BuzzFeed

Source: BuzzFeed


As you can see, these moms were victims of a lack of sleep but at least they were kind enough to share their hilarious anecdotes!

Moms, do you have any stories that are equally funny or embarrassing?

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