Four guys try out the pregnancy diet for two weeks

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Take a look at this video where four guys try out the pregnancy diet for two weeks. The results are a revelation

Being pregnant is far from easy. There are tons of changes, both emotionally and physically, that a woman must endure while pregnant. It’s a difficult task to bear all of these hardships. Among these numerous hardships, though often overlooked, is the challenge of adhering to a strict and healthy diet for the safety of the pregnancy.

When a woman is pregnant, she must bid farewell to alcohol, caffeine, deli meats, hotdogs, smoked seafood (or seafood in general), soft cheeses, unpasteurised milk/juice, raw meat and eggs, among others. It’s quite a daunting responsibility that a pregnant woman must bear.

While mothers-to-be are dealing with their pregnant diets and bodies, their partners are living it up and eating whatever they please—whenever they please. It’s almost unfair for one party to enjoy while the other one suffers. That’s why BuzzFeed Yellow asked four men to take on the challenge of following to the pregnant diet.

The results certainly put the challenge of being pregnant in perspective. The daily routines and dietary mainstays for these men drastically changed and allowed them to see just how hard mommies everywhere have it!

Even though they attempted this daring feat for only two weeks, their struggles were very real!

Check out some of these great highlights of the feature:

no alcohol

This "mummy" loves whisky sours. Can he hold out for two weeks?

no deli

No deli meats for these "mummies"! Can they handle the challenge?

no coffee

This "mummy" can't imagine a workday without his coffee. Soon he'll know the struggle all pregnant mums feel!

In the end these guys found out just how hard pregnant women have it! With so many restrictions and safety guidelines, there might not be a diet on earth that's as strict as the pregnancy diet. Surely this task puts a new perspective on how strong and disciplined mums-to-be really are!

You can watch the entire video of these "mummies" and their diet below:

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