Food fundas for mums to avoid baby colic

Food fundas for mums to avoid baby colic

Did you know that mother's diet could cause colic in a baby? Here's the list with the must-have and must-avoid food for a nursing mum

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A nursing mother is supposed to eat a nutritious diet that helps her recuperate from the strain of labour and delivery. Most breastfeeding mums can include almost everything in their diet without. 

However, sometimes there are offending foods present in a nursing mother’s diet that could cause allergies, gassiness or colic in the baby. If your newborn cries excessively, has periods of fussiness and seems to be gassy, he probably suffers from colic. So why not plan a proper breastfeeding diet to help your baby?

"There are certain dietary changes a breastfeeding mom could adapt to reduce the occurrence of colic in her infant,” says Dr. Aarti Varma, an in-house doctor at Read on for a list of dietary dos and don'ts.

Dietary dos 

  •  Apart from eating energy rich foods and drinking lots of water, a new mum should include papayas and nutmeg in her diet.
  • Adding ginger in a breastfeeding mother's meal could also reduce the chances of colic.
  • Drinking carrom seeds (ajwain) water and fennel seeds (saunf) water is also beneficial as it helps expel gases easily from the mother’s body and thereby prevents gas formation in the baby.  To make this solution, boil two teaspoons of carrom seeds and three teaspoons of fennel seeds in a litre of water. After it boils for about ten minutes, turn off the flame, strain the solution and sip on it through the day.

Dietary don'ts

  • The new mum should avoid dry fish, prawns, and citrus fruits as  these could cause stomach pain in the infant. It might lead to acid reflux.
  • This also holds true for gassy foods like cauliflower and broccoli. 
  • Reducing the spice content in food should also be something a mum must consider when planning a breastfeeding diet. Breast milk may have a distinctive taste after the consumption of spicy foods, causing a gastric discomfort in the baby. 

Tracking colic causing foods

A nursing mother could try the following steps to pinpoint colic-causing foods in her diet.

  • Keeping the above list as reference, make a chart of all the foods consumed in a day that could be colic-causing.
  • Eliminate foods one by one from the diet for a period of 10-14 days. Observe the infant to see if the symptoms reduce or diminish.
  • Incase a colicky baby shows drastic improvement in his condition, try reintroducing the foods temporarily in your diet. Incase the symptoms reappear, drop off that particular food from your menu.


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Preeti Athri

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