First Pics: Soha Ali Khan's daughter Inaaya Naumi and cousin Taimur have something in common!

First Pics: Soha Ali Khan's daughter Inaaya Naumi and cousin Taimur have something in common!

Read on to know what is the similarity!

New father Kunal Kemmu had a surprise for his fans and followers on Instagram on the eve of Christmas! He shared the first ever picture of his newborn daughter Inaaya Naumi Kemmu.

And while that was enough to set social media in a tizzy, we couldn't help but notice one startling similarity between Inaaya Naumi and her cousin, Kareena and Saif's son, Taimur, who just celebrated his first birthday last week.

One look and you'd notice that Inaaya Naumi Kemmu and Taimur Ali Khan Patuadi not only look the same, they have the exact same eye colour. Yes, that's right!

Don't believe us? Have a look at the picture that Kunal shared of his adorable daughter just a day before Christmas.

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The eyes have it!!!

The Kemmus were at brother-in-law Saif Ali Khan's house for Christmas and it was that when the proud father shared the picture on Instagram.

"It’s a Merry Christmas every day when you got the best gift in the world look at you with so much love," Kunal captioned the picture.

And we can definitely say that Inaaya Naumi is a light-eyed beauty and looks exactly like cousin Taimur. However, what's striking is that both babies have light eyes, which is quite amazing.

And while Kareena's light brown eyes could be the reason for Taimur's light eyes iris, it must be noted that both Kunal and Soha have dark brown eyes.


Baby's eye colour in the first year

Sitting like a cute little bundle in her pram, Inaaya is wearing a floral jumpsuit in the picture and her hair is lightly tied in a small pony.

While you must be thinking that both Taimur and Inaaya have light eyes, the fact is babies change their eye colours in the first year and it could be possible that both of them have a different eye colour when they grow up. Here's why:

1. Baby's eye colour may change quite a few times in the first year and the colour that they would get depends on two things- the amount of melanin in their iris and their genes.

2. Melanin is the pigment that determines the colour of your baby's skin and hair and as the melanin production increases so do the eye and hair colour.

3. The most visible eye clour changes would happen between 6 months and 9 months, so it could be that your baby's light brown eyes adopt a little deeper shade of brown and so on.

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[All images courtesy: Instagram]
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