First Pics: New dad Shahid Kapoor can't keep daughter away from his heart!

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The 35-year-old actor was leading the way as wife Mira was discharged from the hospital two days after giving birth.

Shahid Kapoor can't keep his daughter away from his heart. That's what is evident when you see him carrying his daughter home after wife Mira Rajput was discharged from the hospital on Sunday evening.


The 35-year-old actor was leading the way as wife Mira was discharged from the hospital two days after giving birth. Ever since their little princess has entered their lives, Shahid is literally on the moon. He also thanked celebrity doctor, Dr Kiran Coelho, for ensuring that wife Mira has a smooth delivery

Shahid's mother, Neelima Azim, is also excited to become a new dadi and all the more overjoyed as a girl has entered their households. 

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“This baby is my firstborn’s firstborn and the first grandchild in the family. I wanted a granddaughter. I am on top of the world," an excited Neelima told the Hindustan Times after the baby's delivery. While Neelima would have been equally happy if Shahid was blessed with a boy, she says that she always wanted a girl as she has two boys.


“We would have been happy to have either a boy or a girl. But as I have two sons, I wanted it to be a girl. Bachchi ke kadam ghar mein pade hai, main bahut khush hoon (a girl child has come into our home, and I am very happy). We are all so blessed with God almighty’s kindness. We are all very joyous.”

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“His happiness is out of this world. He is taking such good care of his little daughter already,” she says, adding, “While some men might shy away or hesitate to hold babies, he is very good. He is like a pro, a veteran. He has been taking care of his Mira very well. He makes a great husband and a wonderful dad.”

Shahid is seriously giving some fatherhood goals to new fathers and really sharing responsibility with his wife. While earlier he made sure that his wife had a smooth pregnancy and he was by her side whenever she needed her, after his baby's arrival he has become all the more responsible. Here are some other tips that can help new fathers bond with their baby:

1. Get involved: Shahid took the first step by getting involved when his wife got pregnant. He would put everything on hold whenever his wife had a doctor's appointment and would help her in whichever way he could, even if that meant just cheering her up.

Now that he has become a father he has taken the second step to bond with his daughter by holding his daughter close to his heart. It's not only the mother's job to hold the baby and rock him to sleep, fathers should also take charge and never miss out on any opportunity they get to hold the baby.

2. Help burp the baby after a feeding session: While feeding the baby is the mother's job, burping the baby can be a task that a father can learn and also give the mother some much-needed rest.

3. Spend time with the baby: New fathers should take out time and be with the newborn as much as they can. Shahid had already announced that he would be on full-fledged paternity leave till about October and would be only getting back to work once Mira is comfortable handling the baby alone. Now that's something new fathers can learn from Shahid for sure!

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