First pics! Baby Adira has a fun day out with dad Aditya Chopra

First pics! Baby Adira has a fun day out with dad Aditya Chopra

Cuteness overload!

New parents Rani Mukerji and Aditya Chopra have been extremely cautious to keep their baby girl away from the prying eyes of the media. There was so much secrecy around her identity that except her family and Rani and Aditya’s close circle of friends, nobody had seen Adira.

But that changed for the first time when we say the doting new mum raving about her baby girl. Rani penned a heartfelt letter accompanied by the very first picture of Adira.

The doting new mum chose to use a public platform to wish her daughter on her first birthday. Sharing a picture of her cherubic baby (who by the way looks so much like her gorgeous mum), she also wrote an emotional letter for her baby girl, that all mums can relate to!

But while it wasn’t exactly easy to see baby Adira’s full face and who she resembled most, you can now put an end to that debate. Because baby Adira is an exact copy of her beautiful mum, Rani.

Yes, you read that right.

Aditya Chopra spotted with daughter Adira

The gorgeous baby girl was spotted with her daddy dearest, who reportedly took some time off from work for her. Just as soon as the father-daughter duo were spotted in Mumbai, the paparazzi went berserk and couldn’t help but click their picture together.

India Today posted exclusive pictures of the two.

The cherubic Adira, who looks so much like her mum was seemingly relaxed and held onto her doting dad as she cuddled and gave her a big hug.

Wearing a white onesie with a bow on her head, the one-year-old looked adorable as she clung onto her father and gave the paparazzi a curious look.

adira chopra

Images courtesy: India Today/ Milind Shelte

This is the first time that Aditya Chopra has been spotted out and about with his daughter. And needless to say that she seems to be enjoying this daddy-daughter time as well.

Of course, this is not new for most urban fathers who are quite hands-on and are setting the bar high with their active parenting skills. It is also something that is beneficial to young children.

How hands-on fathers influence kids

In a recent study by the Oxford University, it has been proved that fathers who are emotionally committed to their kids during their initial months have well-behaved kids.

The experts stated, “The findings suggest that it is psychological and emotional aspects of paternal involvement in a child’s infancy that are most powerful in influencing later child behaviour and not the amount of time that fathers are engaged in childcare or domestic tasks.”

It also listed the ways in which a hands-on father helps his kids later on. The study that was published in the BMJ Open journal stated that “Involved fathers may:

  • Influence children indirectly by being a source of instrumental and emotional support to mothers, who provide more of the direct care for children
  • The potential positive effect of this on mothers’ well-being and parenting strategies may then lead to better outcomes for the children
  • Fathers’ involvement can also alleviate the impact of factors such as maternal depression, which is known to increase children’s risk of behavioural problems”

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[All images courtesy: Instagram/ India Today- Milind Shelte]

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