Here they are! The 'first ever' picture of Karan Johar's twins is now going viral

Here they are! The 'first ever' picture of Karan Johar's twins is now going viral

A photograph of a set of twins is now going viral and is said to be of the Johar babies

Director and producer Karan Johar is on top of the world. The 44-year-old filmmaker became a single father of twins, Roohi and Yash via surrogacy on March 5. And while the news broke much before his official announcement, when it did come, it melted many hearts.

Sharing the good news with his friends and fans via Twitter, Johar stated that he was "ecstatic" with the addition of his children into his life.

He also mentioned that while it was an emotional decision, it was also well thought of and one that he was completely prepared for. He also added that he was willing to out his travels and work commitments on hold to take care of his two "lifelines."

"My work, travels and social commitments would have to take a back seat and I am prepared for that. By the grace of God, I have the most caring and supportive mother who will be an integral part in the upbringing of her grandchildren and of course, friends who are family,” he stated.

And while Johar looks forward to starting an "exciting journey" with his babies, his fans are going crazy for every little detail about this kids.

Viral photograph of Johar babies?

So much so that a photograph of a set of twins is now going viral and is said to be that of the Johar babies. Yes, you read that right!

The photograph has already gone viral on social media and shared by fans and followers alike, on all social media platforms including Twiiter and Instagram.

Here they are! The 'first ever' picture of Karan Johar's twins is now going viral

However, the authenticity of this particular picture has not been proven. In fact, media houses tried to confirm the same from Johar's Dharma Productions, but reportedly received no official confirmation.

Celeb babies and their fake images

Interestingly, Roohi and Yash are the not the first celebrity babies to be embroiled in such a controversy.

Kareena Kapoor Khan's baby Taimur Ali Khan, Tusshar Kapoor's son Lakkshya Kapoor and even Rani Mukerji's daughter Adira Chopra, all saw their fake pictures floating on the net before their real pictures were released.

karan johar

Either way, the fact that these celebrity parents chose to keep their babies hidden away from the media for sometime is a reflection of how protective famous parents are forced to be. After all, they also want a 'normal' upbringing for their kids, which means enjoying and living just as any other kid.

In fact, if you recall when Geeta Basra gave birth to daughter Hinaya Heer Plaha, even she followed some very important rules of picture-sharing, especially when it came to her baby girl.

These are rules to swear by for new parents and ones that must be followed diligently if you want to protect your baby.

3 rules to protect your baby from social media

  • Do not post certain pictures: Avoid posting images of your baby's bath time, those that include personal details of travels, pictures of your kids potty-training, group photos of kids and pictures when your kids may be injured.
  • Do not announce your movements: Avoid sharing personal details of your baby such as his activities or travels or school or home address. This will protect his identity and keep him away from the prying eyes of peadophiles.
  • Ask your friends to do the same: If you do not want your baby's pictures floating on the Internet then make sure to tell your friends about the same. Ask them to refrain from sharing your baby's pictures on social media platforms till you're finally ready.

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