New mum Soha Ali Khan shares an adorable first ever picture of daughter Inaaya!

New mum Soha Ali Khan shares an adorable first ever picture of daughter Inaaya!

New mum Soha Ali Khan shares an adorable picture of husband Kunal singing a lullaby to their daughter Inaaya and cradling her to sleep.

After being blessed with daughter Inaaya on the auspicious occasion of Navami, actors Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kemmu briefly introduced their baby girl to the world.

The proud parents posed for pictures outside the hospital with Inaaya, but have since then kept her away from the media's glare.

However, it looks like the new parents are now ready to give everybody a proper look at their baby girl.

Yes, you read that right.

Inaaya makes her social media debut!

New mum Soha recently shared an adorable picture of Kunal singing a lullaby to Inaaya. He is seen sitting in her nursery and cradling her to sleep as she looks intently towards her dad.

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The picture received the most heartwarming response with people going ga-ga over Kunal's 'smitten' expressions. In fact, in his recent interview Kemmu himself revealed how besotted he is with his baby girl and how he just cannot get enough of her.

Speaking about how he felt when he first saw Inaaya, Kemmu shared,  "At first I thought she looked like an alien, but then that's how most of the babies look."

"She looks adorable when she opens her eyes"

He also added that now that Inaaya is a couple of days old, she is sleeping almost the entire time just as any normal baby.

"She is just 11 days old and is sleeping for most part of the day. She is a good kid and is very quiet. She does not cry at all. Touchwood. Her eyes are shut all the time, but she looks damn adorable when she opens her eyes," shared the doting new dad.

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Kemmu also added that his wife has been so hands-on and just like any regular new mum has been caring for their baby girl.

"I love it how Soha is managing being a mother all by herself. There are sleepless nights, but she does not complain even a bit. As a father, I make sure that I wind up my work and reach home on time," shared Kemmu.

Looks like the new parents are getting comfortable in their new roles and loving every bit of it. But there's more to caring for a newborn than just sleepless nights and that goes for the mum as well as the new dads.

In fact, every new father is equally responsible for the baby, just as the new mum. And just to refresh your memory, here are a few things that a new father can do that could truly help a new mum, as shared in a previous article.

3 things new dads must do to help new mums

  • Take your wife out on dates: Just as soon as couples become parents, their baby becomes their first priority. They willingly devote their time and effort to raise their little bub, but often times forget about each other. But don't forget your wife and help her relax whenever you can.
  • Acknowledge your wife's effort: Never leave an opportunity to praise your wife and thank her for making you more happy and stable. New fathers must take a cue from this and learn that appreciating the wife, especially when she has just become a mum can boost her confidence and make her feel loved.
  • Contribute in parenting duties: Most urban Indian fathers have become hands-on, since they like to help their wives with parenting duties. This is also an important if you want to keep the romance alive. By simply doing their own parenting duties, new fathers can help their wives relax and help them be ready to take on further responsibilities.

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