First-born kids are often the brainiest, says research

First-born kids are often the brainiest, says research

Researchers at the Leipzig University in Germany claim that first-born kids are often the brainiest and smartest. Here's why

According to a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, if you're older than your siblings, you're likely to be smarter than them.

Sharing parents is one of the prominent reason shows the research, which was conducted by a team from Leipzig University in Germany. Therefore, according to them each child after the first is slightly less bright as they have to ‘share’ parents.

However, in a two-child family setup, the eldest won't necessarily dominate. They have a six in ten chance of a higher IQ, so their younger relatives still have a strong chance of overtaking them.

In addition to demonstrating a heightened intelligence, older children also displayed an increased perception of their brain power. Scientists also suggest that having your parents' undivided attention means you end up learning more, which benefits the eldest child.

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Abhilash Rawal

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