Arushi's parents are "scared to face the world" because...

Arushi's parents are "scared to face the world" because...

Nupur and Rajesh Talwar speak up for the first time after being acquitted in their daughter Arushi's murder case.

After the entire nation’s heart sank with the verdict on Aarushi’s murder case, everyone was keen on hearing the Talwars out. After 9 years of burning candles, praying and hoping for justice, the Talwars walked out free on 16th of October, 2017.

Everyone suspected the double murder to be due to Honor Killing, and the Talwars were in jail for the last four years after a CBI special court held them guilty of murdering their daughter Aarushi and destroying the evidence.

Pic Courtesy: Indian Express

Pic Courtesy: Indian Express

Soon they appealed to the Allahabad High Court and finally on the 16th of October, 2017 they walked away free as the court demanded more evidence. After much speculations, the Talwars gave an interview to Hotstar and broke their silence. A special 19 minutes long interview was streamed online on the Hotstar app. For now, the case after 9 years is tagged as, ‘unsolved’.

“It’s scary to face people, to face the world, to go back into the world, into society…It’s something which you have to slowly learn,” Rajesh Talwar said about their return to normalcy to Hotstar.

The Talwars said that they now just want to live with Aarushi’s memories and want to do something for her.They said the public perception changed after the court order.

Picture Courtesy: Hotstar

Picture Courtesy: Hotstar

The dentist couple conducted dental work in the clinic in the prison as a way of serving people and enduring the four years of incarceration. They claim to be innocent hence they didn’t give up on appealing for bail, even after rejection. Rajesh also believes that nothing can be more painful than losing an offspring, that too in such an inhuman manner.

They said the public perception changed after the court order. “When we went to the Golden Temple immediately after our release, there were people coming up to us who you know showed sympathy and empathy towards us,” Rajesh said.

All they want to do is to live life in Aarushi’ memory and hope that they get justice for their daughter’s death. Rajesh and Nupur Talwar thank one of their friends, who helped them cope with this situation, and to face the world and society in a much better way.

Picture Courtesy: India Today & PTI

Picture Courtesy: India Today & PTI

When and how will this double murder case be solved, is still a mystery but we still hope and pray that Aarushi gets justice. After any kind of trauma, it is difficult to get back into a normal state.

In life, many situations may arise, the death of a loving family member or friend, or heartbreaks. But bouncing back is the only way out. Here are a few things that you could follow to come out of it, of help someone who is suffering:

1) Faith

It is said that it’s Darkest before Dawn. It is true, just because something has terribly gone wrong in your life, doesn’t mean it will ever be okay. Like how good times didn’t last for you, bad times will neither. Have faith and do what is needed.

2) Don’t think what others think of you

The major problem arises when the fear of what others are thinking about you or your situation grips you. The best solution to deal with any situation is to figure it out yourself as you are the best judge, others are not in your shoes and wouldn’t validate your actions in either which ways.

3) Support System

Quantity over quality. You don’t need a lot of people who need to stand next to you. You need just those 2-3 people who help and support you no matter what. Always identify your real well-wishers, as most people just need gossip.

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