Arbaaz Khan speaks about Malaika's alimony demand and their separation

Arbaaz Khan speaks about Malaika's alimony demand and their separation

Estranged couple Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora Khan have been tight-lipped about their separation so far. Not anymore!

Separation is never easy, especially when it involves celebrities. A lot of their personal life is played out in the public and details of their separation often become a matter of debate.

That's precisely what's happening with recently separated couple, Malaika Arora Khan and Arbaaz Khan.

The actors who have been married for 17 years and share a 14-year-old son between them, filed for divorce last year. In fact, the couple announced that they had been separated for quite some time now.

Hefty alimony on the cards?

But while the news of their separation did shock many, a recent shocker was the alimony amount that Malaika reportedly quoted to her estrange husband.

According to the a leading entertainment portal, Malaika has demanded Rs 10-15 crores as her final divorce settlement. Besides this lump sum amount Malaika might also demand for monthly maintenance and other charges for her son. This news only cemented the fact the couple were not considering any reconciliation as was earlier speculated at their son's birthday.

It has been revealed!

But now it seems all things are set to be settled, much to the dismay of speculators. Yes, that's correct!

Arbaaz Khan, who had so far refrained from commenting on the divorce proceedings and even on Malaika's alimony demand has finally spoken about the matter and set the record straight.

Khan in fact, divulged details of what was happening with their separation and divorce and even spoke about Malaika's family.

Continue reading to see what Arbaaz Khan said about his estranged wife's family and his own son!

Arbaaz Khan finally talks about Malaika

While the duo have so far been tight-lipped about their separation and dodged speculations about their reconciliation and Malaika's alleged alimony demand, Arbaaz has finally spoke.

Talking to the Deccan Chronicle about their separation he said, "Just because we’re separating, doesn’t mean we have to be worried about each other’s equations. I have a child with her, so we have to have a cordial and a great relationship. We’re very amicable with the split we had. I’m close to her side of the family, something that you can all see."

He also added that the couple were handling their separation with utmost maturity and do not want anybody to meddle in their  personal matter.

"My association with her family has been that of over 21 years, which is almost like a lifetime. I have a growing up child, so there’s a lot of parenting responsibilities and duties we have to do and it can only happen if the atmosphere between the two of us is very conducive and normal. We both are extremely mature and can handle this," he clarified.

While he clarified his separation and how the couple planned to handle the situation in the future, one thing's for sure, they are not willing to divulge many details about the same.

They want to keep it personal, as it should be, but since they are public figures, whose lives are of interest to their fans, they want to keep them posted only about the most important changes and not everything. This of course, is a great way of handling a public separation and we can take a lesson or two from this couple.

How to keep a separation private and peaceful

  • Deal with the emotional crisis: If you do not want people snooping in on your separation and/divorce, it's important to first, deal with the emotional crisis caused by it. Take a break and grieve, if you want to, ask for help, and share your feelings only with close family and friends. Refrain from talking about it to colleagues or casual friends who may not understand your current state of mind.
  • Look at the bigger picture: Now that you are separated, try to look at the positive side. Speak to your lawyers and try to ease the process by taking their legal advice. It's better to settle everything amicably, if possible. But most importantly, never settle; know your rights and ask for what is yours. Just know that once this process is over, you can be free.
  • Work on family: If you have kids, you'll have to keep any kind of bitterness aside and work towards creating a positive environment at home. Separation and divorce can be a difficult time for children and so it's best to explain whatever is happening or will happen to them openly.

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