How to make your baby's first sip of water special and safe?

How to make your baby's first sip of water special and safe?

Watch full video to know more about how to make drinking water safe for your baby.

Once you bring your baby home, time flies really fast. And although the memory of your baby's first breastfeed could still be fresh in your mind, they may be ready to take their first sip of water. Mum to a six-year-old, Avantika, shares why you should use properly filtered water for babies. Take a look.

Just like your baby’s first breastfeed, the first sip of water is also an important milestone. So do make it special, AND SAFE.

Filtered water for babies: How to introduce your baby to water?

  1. You should introduce your baby to water only after the age of 4 or 6 months. Breastfed infants don’t really need water even in summers. This is mainly because your breastmilk is more than 80% water.
  2. Besides, giving water to your infant can also cause diarrhoea. They may lose appetite for breastmilk and that can result in malnutrition. It can also lead to a condition called as water intoxication, which means that normal sodium levels in your baby’s body drops. And this can lead to complications like seizures.
  3. In the beginning, use a small size spoon and bowl to give water. You may use clean silver utensils to make the moment special.
  4. Ensure that both utensils are properly washed and clean.
  5. Use water purified by water purifiers like Dr. Aquaguard to make it safe for drinking and enriched with essential minerals. (Water is filled in the silver bowl/vessel from Dr Aquaguard purifier that is placed in the kitchen. A closer shot gives prominence to the purifier and logo on it.)
  6. Fill the spoon with little quantity of water and touch it to your baby’s lips.
  7. Don’t put the spoon inside your baby’s mouth but allow your baby to sip it slowly from the spoon.

Nowadays, pollution levels are rising everywhere and it has also affected our drinking water. Chemicals and new age contaminants like lead and arsenic are polluting it. These cannot be removed by only boiling the water.

So, we need something more than our traditional water purifying methods. And that’s why we have modern water purifiers like Dr Aquaguard. It not only purifies the water but makes it healthy as well. It retains naturally occurring essential minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Copper & Zinc, thanks to its Nutritron technology.

So, remember to bring in a water purifier like Dr Aquaguard before you introduce your little one to water. Make that first sip special and safe.

Source: WHO, St Louis Children, My Little Moppet

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