Farah Khan has an IMPORTANT message for all mother of boys!

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What Farah’s seemingly cute picture says is something in fact; all of us with little boys at home to raise should spare a thought to.

Bollywood director Farah Khan Kunder has a powerful message for all mums of boys out there.

Recently Farah who is a mother to three 9-year-olds posted a picture of her son Czar wearing a t-shirt, which said: ‘I Am A Feminist'.

Farah captioned the picture saying: ‘Teach them Young, The Good Son, Raising A Son.’

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What Farah’s seemingly cute picture says is something in fact; all of us with little boys at home to raise should spare a thought to.

In this world, sadly, full of ugly details, while we do strive to make our daughters strong and independent, isn’t it equally important that we teach our growing boys to be sensitive and to stand up for the rights of the girls they know.

Teaching feminism to your boys

Living in a society, especially brimming with patriarchy and gender inequality, teaching our girls alone to fight the odds and rise up to the times will not be enough until we produce a generation of boys who believe in ensuring equality above everything else.

And until we reach that equilibrium in society, we as mums and dads not only do we have the responsibility to teach our young girls bitter truths like the good touch and the bad touch but we must also have an additional responsibility to tell our boys every time they see a girl being bullied because of her ‘weak’ gender, they too have to step up and do the needful.

After all we don’t want just women to be asked if they are feminist or not we want both men and women to be equally proud to be a feminist to bring about that change in the world that we want. And to do this, we will have to start young just as Farah Khan is doing.

If you too are a mama to a boy here are a few ways in which you can teach about feminism to your son

1. Stand up for the girls: While many women may be displeased at this thought and may say that the girls should be self-sufficient for themselves and do not need anybody to speak for them.

While I strongly believe in this thought, unfortunately currently we are dealing with a totally skewed society where first we have to train our boys to be there for girls as well as for other boys too when and if they need help. While we still do need to teach our girls that they are capable of fighting all odds, ensuring that they have a back should not hurt.

Most precious jewels around my neck.. my sons arms! #happyvalentinesday

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2. Think equally: Boys are strong or boys don’t cry – these are the lessons our fathers were raised with. As new age mums we must tell our boys that as humans we all feel alike, we all feel hurt and broken at times and we must learn how to pick ourselves up in moments such as these. And yes, we all cry when we feel horrible as girls and as boys. Period.

3. Lead by example: Who says, boys creative outings are only about soccer in the park? Create an atmosphere in the house where no territory is off-limits for any gender. Involve your boys in the kitchen. Bake cookies with them, make them choose their pizza toppings, when they are old enough make them lay the dinner tables ask them to fold the laundry. Basically inculcate in their minds that everything mum does the boys must do too.

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