Fancy dress ideas for kids: DIY style

Fancy dress ideas for kids: DIY style

It's that time of the year when you are struggling to come up with a concept for your kid's fancy dress party at school! We are here to help make it less of a strife

Owl costume

fancy dress ideas for kids

Owl’s costume | Fancy dress ideas for kids


  • 1 dark coloured t-shirt
  • Fabric scraps (50-60 feathers)
  • Needle and thread (or permanent fabric glue)
  • Card stock
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Tape
  • Children’s sunglasses


  1. Cut out the feathers from fabric scraps using this template.
  2. Begin pinning and sewing in rows from the bottom (or just line them up and glue).
  3. Continue until you reach the top and then form a circle around the neckline.
  4. Print out the owl mask and cut it out. With a craft knife, cut out the center eye holes.
  5. Attach the mask to the sunglasses with tape and you are ready to hoot!
Source: Alphamom 

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Pirate costume

fancy dress ideas for kids

Pirate’s costume | Fancy dress ideas for kids

Johnny Depp made pirates cool and this pirate costume will do the same for your kid. Create this costume for your personal pirate entirely at home using stuff which most often will be already available with you.


  • A full sleeved white shirt
  • A black/dark brown full length loose pants (we could make do with pajamas as well)
  • A black sleeveless jacket/vest (if not available at home, create one by chopping off the sleeves of any old black t-shirt)
  • A broad black belts
  • A pair of black socks
  • Bandana
  • Black face paint
  • A4 size silver paper
  • A4 size chart paper
  • 1.5 meter long string


  1. Tuck ends of the pants into your child’s socks to make them look like polo pants
  2. Tuck the shirt into the pant and wrap a broad belt around the waist
  3. Draw the mole and the mustache with the black face paint
  4. For the eye patch, cut it out of a silver paper and glue it onto the chart paper
  5. Stick the string to the eye patch so that it could be worn over the eye
  6. Tie the bandana around your child’s head. Lo and behold, you have your very own Jack Sparrow ready for the loot!
Source: Simz Corner

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Witch costume

fancy dress ideas for kids

Witch’s costume | Fancy dress ideas for kids

When you read the steps of making this downright adorable witch’s costume, you will wonder why you ever bothered hiring costumes from stores. Make a tutu (preferably purple/green/black) and you’ll be on your way to deal with a li’l witch.


  • Tulle/netting in desired colors
  • Elastic band (or ribbon)
  • 2 pieces of black A3 card
  • Elastic for hat
  • Pencil
  • 3-4 strings
  • Plate
  • Black t-shirt
  • Black tights/pants
  • Stick/rod


For the tutu:

  1. Cut a piece of elastic that fits snuggly around your child’s waist
  2. Cut approximately 70cm ( you can make it shorter/longer as desired) long strips of netting/tulle and knot them around a piece of elastic
  3. Repeat until your elastic is full all the way round

For the broom:

  1. Cut 6-7 inches long of tulle/netting 
  2. Bunch them up and tie them together at one end
  3. Push the stick/rod through the tied end of the tulle/netting and further tighten the cloth around the rod

For the hat:

  1. Cut a quarter of a circle out of your card using a pencil and string to measure it out (to fit your child’s head)
  2. Roll into a cone shape and stop in place
  3. Take your second sheet of paper and cut a circle using the plate as a stencil
  4. Place your cone in the centre and draw around it to mark where it needs to go
  5. Cut a smaller circle out and make indents in the remaining rim
  6. Bend it upwards and glue in place
  7. Add a little tape where your elastic will go to strengthen the card
  8. Make a hole with a safety pin and then make the hole a little bigger with a pencil
  9. Then thread in your elastic and is some tulle/netting around it for a finished look
  10. Dress your child in the black tee and tights, add the hat and tutu and hand her the broom for that adorable li’l witch you need to beware of!
Source: Redtedart

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Sheep costume

fancy dress ideas for kids

Sheep’s costume | Fancy dress ideas for kids


  • White t-shirt
  • Shorts
  • Black stockings
  • A skull cap
  • Cotton balls (enough to cover the t-shirt and the skull cap)
  • 2 palm sized pieces of black cloth
  • Glue
  • Needle and thread (optional)


Glue the cottons balls onto the t-shirt and all around the skull cap

Cut the black stockings in the centre so that the four parts can be used as hands and legs.

Glue/stitch the two pieces of black cloth on the skull cap as ears, and the bleating cute sheep is ready for her fancy dress competition.

Source: Wandering mist

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Nemo (clownfish) costume 

fancy dress ideas for kids

Nemo (clownfish) costume | Fancy dress ideas for kids


  • 1 meter long 2 cardboard sheets
  • 2 sheets of orange card paper
  • 1 sheet of yellow card paper
  • Glue
  • Scissor
  • Pencil
  • 1 CD
  • 1 medium sized paper bag
  • Orange string
  • Black leggings/tights
  • Black/orange t-shirt
  • Black sketch-pen


For Nemo’s tail:

Draw a fishtail pattern on both the cardboards and the card papers

Cut it out and stick the card papers on the cardboard

Stick a string (long enough to be tied around the waist of your child) each on the insides of both the fishtail cut outs For the scales:

For Nemo’s head:

Diagonally cut out the open end of the paper bag so that it fits on your child’s head like a headgear with flaps

Stick strings to those flaps so as to fasten the headgear around the child’s head

Cut out the ideal size of orange card paper and cover the headgear

Draw out eyes on both the sides (the flap ends of the headgear) with the black sketch-pen

For the scales on Nemo

Trace out 70-100 scales on the yellow and orange felt paper using the CD as a stencil

Align then alternately in a Nemo-like pattern

Create 4-5 (or as many is required depending on the height of the child) such layers and stick them on the top end of the tail

Repeat the process for the posterior side of the costume

Once the child has work the black leggings and black/orange t-shirt, stick the layer of scales+tail to the front and back of the t-shirt

Make the child wear the headgear and fasten it with the strings. There you have your Nemo ready for another adventure

Inspired from: Didyoufeedthecats

How do you find these fancy dress ideas for kids to be? Do let us know your thoughts on this article on fancy dress ideas for kids, in the Comment box below.

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