This Indian couple has some unique ideas about raising kids!

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Raising kids can often be stressful. This young Indian couple explains 5 simple rules to make the process more enjoyable.

We recently hosted a young family. The couple and their two kids, a 4 and a 6, were having fun exploring the new place. What caught my attention was the ease with which the parents were exchanging roles! Both were equally at ease at getting the kids ready, entertaining them, feeding them and taking them out.

This is a new trend emerging within Indian families. I asked the guy how he managed everything. He told me that the key to successful parenting is having fun while you are at it!

A new parent, I wanted to know more about doing things the fun way. That evening, we sat around the table, sipping tea, and they revealed me their secret, which, they claim, was not really a secret, but pure rational thinking. I am sharing the five things they told me, in hope that it may help you in some way.

1# Don’t define roles!

This was new to me! I always assumed that the best way out was to divide the chores and switch after a few days. However, this is often difficult to implement, especially when you get comfortable doing a chore.

The key is not to define roles, and just decide them based on that day’s situation. It may seem haphazard at first, but the system will soon fall in place, and both of you will end up doing your part and enjoy it too.

#2 Don’t keep scores

You may change more diapers than your wife or she may wake up more frequently than you to pacify the baby at night. Keeping scores would make the process bitter, and you wouldn’t want that. Instead, discuss the outcomes of the chores you do the next day.

Discuss what went right! Complement mum on the colour of the poop, an indicator of proper breastfeeding. Complement the dad on the great swaddle; the kid would sleep better that way.

#3 Teach the kids to entertain each other

If you have two or more kids, make them in charge of small things. Alternate the leader and the follower/s so that each of them can learn to lead and follow. Teach them games that do not involve props. That way, they can entertain themselves, and you get some time for yourself.

#4 Avoid teaming work with care

It is not always possible to have every evening free to play with kids. If you find yourself in such a position, seek help. Babysitters are rare in India, but grandparents love to help in these situations. If you realise that both of you have to work the evenings, arrange for the grandparents to look after the kids.

If that is not possible, ask a trusted friend to take the kids out for a movie. Be sure to take his children out in return. It is best if the kids don’t feel neglected because you have an important presentation to prepare.

#5 Chronicle the growing up

Kids grow up quickly. Their innocent questions and antics is a source of great joy and entertainment. But you would forget it all if you don’t record it. If you take photos, make it a habit of printing a few and creating a photo album. Write down their questions and antics.

One great idea is to create an email id when the kid is born, to be handed it over when he turns 18. We all are used to typing some quick stuff, and this way, you tend to chronicle things, both big and small.

The taste of the tea and the conversation still lingers in my mind.

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Anay Bhalerao