Eye-opening campaign advocates healthy eating for pregnant women and nursing mums

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Brazil's SPRS unveiled a powerful and moving campaign to help inform mothers and women about the importance of healthy eating while pregnant or nursing

Brazil's Pediatric Society of Rio Grande (SPRS), created some powerful and striking imagery to help endorse a campaign that aims to educate pregnant women and nursing mothers on the importance of healthy eating.

The organisation launched the campaign in late 2015. The slogan of this moving campaign: "You child is what you eat."

In the photos, babies are seen breastfeeding from their mothers. To get the point across to the audience, the mothers' breasts have been altered to look like various junk foods and unhealthy eats.

Poignant symbolism like this can really help to make a difference in the diets of pregnant women and nursing mothers. They need to be concerned with how they eat, because they aren't just harming themselves with unhealthy foods, they are also harming their babies.

The photographs speak for themselves. Check out some of the captivating and powerful ads from the Brazilian organisation:

Eye-opening campaign advocates healthy eating for mothers

Eye-opening campaign advocates healthy eating for mothers

Eye-opening campaign advocates healthy eating for mothers

A mother's breastmilk is one of the most important dietary components for newborns and infants. Mother's need to be mindful of their diets and consider that their babies depend on a mother's breastmilk for nourishment and to develop a healthy immune system.

Eye-opening campaigns like this can help to make a difference for many mothers and mothers-to-be. It can help them to be more cautious with what they ingest on a daily basis, and lead to healthier offspring!

Moms and soon-to-be mums, what do you think of this moving campaign? Did it help to inform you of the importance of a healthy diet while pregnant or nursing?

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