7 Extraordinary facials using ordinary ingredients from your kitchen

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You don't have to break the bank to look rejuvenated! Here are some simple DIY facials you could try at home!

You don’t have to spend a fortune on luxurious spa treatments. Rejuvenating your skin regularly and looking younger is not impossible.

Pamper yourself in your very own home using simple ingredients you can find in your very own kitchen!

Here are seven extraordinary facials using ordinary ingredients from your kitchen!


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A caffeine facial is perfect for mornings where you need a jolt to feeling your very best!

Find the DIY recipe here.


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Sure they go well with salads, but avocados’ healthy oils work just as well in leaving your skin rejuvenated and absolutely glowing.

Find out how to make your own rejuvenating avocado facial here.

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Strawberries are packed with antioxidants, Vitamin C, and natural salicylic acid which is perfect for keeping your skin clear and smooth.

Get the energizing recipe here.

Brown Sugar

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Brown sugars exfoliates gently and whisks away dull, dry skin leaving you with a toned and glowing complexion.

Find out how to whip up this DIY facial here.

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Egg whites make for excellent, gentle cleansers which leaves skin evenly toned!

Find out how to whisk your way to glowing skin here.


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Chocolate is not just a delicious indulgence but an effective ingredient to fight wrinkles!

Make your own chocolate-based softening facial by following this easy recipe.


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Bananas make effective exfoliators! Harness the power of bananas to make your skin softer and to lessen redness.

Want to make your own banana yogurt facial? Follow this easy recipe!

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