Expelliarmus! ICSE curriculum will now include Harry Potter and Tintin

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ICSE has prescribed JK Rowling's Harry Potter, Agatha Christie's novels, 'The Hobbit' and Feluda for their English Literature classes, among others

If you are an 80s kid and now a new parent, you'd probably be happy to know that your kids can now read Harry Potter and Tintin in their syllabus. That is, of they are students of The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE).

Yes, that's correct!

As per this Economic Times report, The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), which is an examination conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, has prescribed JK Rowling's Harry Potter, Agatha Christie's novels, 'The Hobbit' and Feluda for their English Literature classes.


So the syllabus of classes III through XIII will now include graphic novels of Tintin, Asterix, and American cartoonist Art Spiegel man's Holocaust saga 'Maus' and even Amar Chitra Katha, among other books.

It seems that ICSE will no longer have to haggle comic books away from their students because they are providing this opportunity to them in their syllabus. So now your kids can read about the fascinating journey of Bilbo Baggins and Middle Earth.

They have also introduced options for those 'serious' writers with autobiographies of former president APJ Abdul Kalam, Malala Yusoufzai, and the ever-loved Anne Frank. They can also choose from the humour of P G Wodehouse or Dickens, if they so fancy!

As for the younger kids, classes I and II will now have the illustrative Noddy books. So they can now ready about goblins, Tessy Bear and even Toyland. Nifty!

While there was some initial debate about the use of introducing Harry Potter, which was pop culture's push to literature, there are many educationists who seem pleased with the change.

Indian academicians and kids are on board

Speaking to a leading daily, Rita Katawati, principal, Hutchings School, Pune says, "I think Shakespeare, Keats and Tagore is important read and it cannot be discounted. But yes today’s kids are attracted to books like Harry Potter and Tintin comics. Introducing it will make studies more fun.”

But the kids are clearly more excited.

"I love reading Harry Potter. Reading about magic is fun. I also like Akbar-Birbal stories, Three Little Pigs and I wish all of this is read in school. My parents have also read Amar Chitra Katha stories to me at night and I like them too,” says eight-year-old Leishha, Bishops School, Pune.

Only time will tell whether this move is helpful for literature loving kids, but meanwhile most of then can rejoice in the fact that there is some 'action' to look forward to! Let us know what you think of this change!

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