New mum Roshni Chopra shares why she has become so selective with her professional projects

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Exclusive interview with the gorgeous second-time mum who also shares her fitness mantra and what keeps her pushing for more

At 36, Roshni Chopra seems to have at all. She is happily married to filmmaker Siddharth Anand Kumar, is mum to two delightful sons Jaiveer and Reyaan, and is a well-established designer, actor and model.

And while it all seems as though this happened so luckily for her, it was her sheer grit and hardwork that made her who she is today. Whether it was personal or professional, Chopra proved that both these qualities go a long way if one wants to succeed.

The bubbly and super successful mumpreneur sat for an exclusive tete-e-tete with Indusparent and gave us an insight into her 'nearly perfect’ life!

On marriage

Married to somebody she calls her soulmate, Chopra believes that it's all about finding the 'right man.'

"Get married to the right person then it's worth it! And make it work no matter what," she says adding that the ultimate secret to making a marriage successful is "to respect one's partner!"

The gorgeous yummy mummy who is currently shooting for The Kapil Sharma Show says that making time for her husband, filmmaker Siddharth Anand Kumar has helped her keep the spark alive in her own marriage.

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"Constantly working at it (the marriage), keeping the spark alive by enjoying travels together and making the time for each other. Also giving each other lots of space (is how one can make their marriage successful)," she says adding that these activities came naturally to her and Siddharth.

"It's organic, do the things you loved doing together when you first met," she shares. And now that they have another baby, how does this gorgeous couple manage to keep the spark alive?

"Babies bring new challenges, new love, new goals and new drive. So therefore, new spark," says the actor and second-time mum who also owns her own design label, Roshni Chopra Designs, multi-tasking every single second.

On becoming a working mother

While many women struggle to find a balance between work and motherhood, Chopra has taken to her many roles organically.

"It's never easy to leave my babies. Luckily I have a vanity (van) on shoot so I could take them with me. And the design studio is right near home so I can keep an eye on them. I'm still very selective about the projects I take up because I value time with the kids over all else," she shares adding that her role as a mother taught her a great deal about balance.

True love = Jaivir & Reyaan ❤

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"Turning mother has been one of the best experiences of my life. It changed everything for me. Suddenly there was actual meaning to life and the fox shifted from being self oriented to my kids. The one change (post motherhood) would be it’s made me more grateful as a person. You realise how precious life is when it's cuddling in your arms. It's also taught me to be more regimented and to value schedules," she says.

She also adds that her husband played a crucial role in raising her two sons and helped her throughout her pregnancy.

"He's quite hands on," she says adding that her husband took care of her during her pregnancy just any any doting hubby would, he cared "By being there and looking after me while I looked after the baby."

On her pregnancies

As for her pregnancies, she says that just like any other mother, she went through the same experiences both times but was better prepared the second time.

"The pregnancy was smooth sailing mostly. I had the regular nausea for about four months, which was challenging as I was still shooting and hadn't told anyone about my pregnancy. So, the first time was challenging as I had to learn everything from start. I read up a lot and learnt to listen to my instinct. Second time I was much more chilled out and knew what to expect!" she shares.

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The yummy mummy also shares that just as any other working mother, she also took some time off to nurture her two babies and is now able to balance work with kids quite easily.

"I took four months off from work for the first time and three months off during the second baby," explains the svelte yummy mummy who revealed her secret to looking super fit post the birth of her babies.

On keeping herself fit post delivery

Talking about her svelte self, the gorgeous mum says while most Indian mums are under tremendous pressure to over perform, she knew she had to bounce back on her own terms and gradually.

So what was her mantra?

"Yoga and meditation with the right diet," says the fit second-time mum who truly has become an inspiration for working mothers across the country.

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