This ex-Bigg Boss contestant, who became a nun, is expecting her first baby!

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The ex-Bigg Boss contestant created a ruckus when she got married to Romanian interior designer Vlad Stanescu in April last year.

She made headlines when she decided to renounce everything and became a nun. But, a couple of months after that she married!  And now months after her much-publicised marriage, ex-Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat is expecting her first baby. Yes, that's right!

Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat is pregnant

Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat created a ruckus when she got married to Romanian interior designer Vlad Stanescu in April last year. This was because, a couple of months ago, Sofia had declared that she had renounced everything and became a nun. 

In June 2016, she announced that she has embraced spirituality and become a nun. She adopted the name, Gaia Sofia Mother.

33-year-old Sofia recently posted a picture on her Instagram that has three pins. Interestingly, one of the bigger safety pins has a small safety pin inside, hinting that she is perhaps in the family way.



3 pins

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A couple of days after that post, Sofia posted another picture and captioned it: "The age of knowing...the star is inside the Mother Earth radiating out her light...the brightest star in the universe is here."

Sofia's husband has a five-year-old son from previous marriage

Sofia got married to Vlad in April last year. Vlad was earlier married and has a son Arthur. But Sofia welcomed her stepson with open arms and said that she was his mother.

"I met my stepson for the first time earlier this weekend. I have enjoyed a lot with him. Even he liked and loved me. He is very cute. We all slept together like a family. He was cuddling me at night. Vlad is an incredible father. As a mother, I want to encourage his creativity and want him not to spend too much time on his phone playing games," she told the media.

We're sure the family must be looking forward to the new baby and wish them all the very best!

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