Everyone calls my husband joru ka ghulam. Am I doing anything wrong?

Everyone calls my husband joru ka ghulam. Am I doing anything wrong?

My sisters-in-law did not miss the chance to comment: "Kismat wali ho jo ghulam pati mila.

Just the other day, I had a mild fever with a stomach infection. My husband who works in a multinational company opted to work from home so that he could look after me.

My sisters-in-law who called up to ask about my health did not miss the chance to comment with a laugh: “Kismat wali ho jo ghulam pati mila.”

The taunts are not new

This is not a new occurrence in my life. I have been subjected to these taunts very often. We have been married for four years and I have a one-year-old baby.

My husband is a very hands-on dad. He does not mind changing our baby’s diapers or staying awake with the baby if she is unwell.

loving husband

If a husband does anything for his wife, why is it considered abnormal?

He makes it a point to be home in time so that we can spend some family time together. His colleagues often go out for drinks after work but he chooses to be back home.

This is a choice that he has made. I have never told him not to socialize but he prefers to come home and spend time with our growing baby.

He has never forgotten my birthday or our anniversary and very often he organizes parties for all family members on these occasions.

But all this does not go down well with my in-laws and even some of his friends’ wives. They often complain how their husband would never do what my husband does. But honestly, am I to be blamed for this?

I have not hen-pecked him

For the record, I have never told my husband to not do a certain thing. But once when we were newly married and my mother-in-law came to stay with us she noticed that my husband would help me put the dinner plates on the table.

She was horrified when she saw that he would even pick up a bucket full of hot water for me when I had to take a bath if the geyser was not working. She mentioned to me that I should not make my husband joru ka ghulam as people would laugh at me.

Ever since then, every small thing that he does for me is labeled as being hen-pecked. He is a caring husband and he is as mindful of his parents’ needs as he is of mine. But still, if a husband does anything for his wife, it is considered abnormal.

I believe every husband should contribute towards household duties. The day each one starts doing it people will understand the difference between being dutiful and being hen-pecked.

Am I doing anything wrong that people pass snide remarks on me?

*Names have been withheld on request…

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