Esha Deol shared the first sneak peek of her baby's nursery! Have a look

Esha Deol shared the first sneak peek of her baby's nursery! Have a look

Esha Deol has already selected a theme and the fabrics for her baby's crib as well as the colour of the nursery walls.

Glowing mum-to-be Esha Deol is on a mission. A mission to create the perfect nursery for her baby. And she is leaving no stone unturned to work on the gorgeous theme she has selected for her nursery.

Yes, like any excited expecting mum who is close to her delivery date, Esha Deol is hard at work and finalising some last minute details of her baby's nursery.

Esha Deol prepares her baby's nursery

She has selected a gorgeous theme, finalised the colour of the room and even picked out the fabric for the crib, the curtains and even the tiny little toys she is planning to gift her child.

And in order to share this process with her family and friends, she even posted its details on Instagram along with a sneak peek of a collage.

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With this picture the radiant expecting mum wrote: "Getting creative with my buddy and interior designer @nooreinjumani for the nursery. Planning a vintage white look with lace and creating some sheer magic. #BharatFurnishings #NooreinJumani #DesignVilleStudio (sic)."

Deol who is at the end of her second trimester and well towards her third trimester has selected a 'white vintage' theme for the nursery.

Deol choses gender-neutral colours

The fit mum-to-be has clearly selected a gender neutral colour with hints of femininity and is keen on adding 'lace,' which is the latest fashion trend. And she is doing this by herself, calling all the shots and giving her creative inputs to a well-known Mumbai-based design company.

The famous daughter of veteran actors Hema Malini and Dharmendra has also been picking up quite a few things on her way to hoe post her babymoon. And it looks like this carriage/purse might be one of them.

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Deol has clearly followed in the footsteps of new parents Kareena and Saif, who were both extremely involved in designing Taimur's nursery. (Have you seen his nursery? See it here.)

Esha and Kareena share similar themes

In fact, they added a bit of a royal touch with the use of lots of whites and pastels and it seems Deol is also on the same track. Now that is quite a fashionable nursery, we might add.

But if think it is difficult to create a nursery similar to that of Kareena and Esha's babies, you'd be wrong. Apart from beautifying it based on your preference and love for a particular theme, you simply need a few crucial items to create a practical and functioning nursery.

Here's a lowdown on what you must add.

How to do up a baby's nursery

  • Wallpaper: Do not be afraid to experiment with colours for your baby's nursery. However, don't go overboard with the neons. Use simple yet bright colours, but also the unusual ones such as green, cold coffee, aqua glow or orange. If you are a fan of pastel shades, then you can a touch of texture or print to make it look more lively.
  • Bigger cribs: Just as Bebo and Saif have done up their baby's nursery, you can also invest in a crib that opens into a bed once your baby is old enough to craw or walk. In case you decide to repurpose an old crib, make sure that it is redone to meet all the safety standards. Once you've selected the crib for your little one, the next big step is to invest in some good bedding. Be sure to buy cotton sheets that are breathable and do not irritate your baby's skin. Plus, try to keep the bedding as simple and to the size of your baby as possible. It should not feel too overwhelming for him.
  • Feeding chair: Not many new mums pay attention to the need of a separate feeding zone or a comfortable lazy chair. This is where you can sit upright and feed your baby. Since breastfeeding must advisably be done while sitting straight to allow easy digestion and fewer chances of reflux by the baby, a chair is your ideal companion.
  • Storage cupboards: An open storage cupboard is another essential that you would need. You can add cloth drawers or soft cardboard drawers that you can label for easy access to store your baby’s clothes and diapers. You can also place your baby’s toys or any item that you can store away to keep the room clean and neat. After all, your baby needs space to explore!

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