How to encourage good behavior from your child

How to encourage good behavior from your child

Encouraging good behavior from your child can sometimes prove difficult, so here are some sure-fire tips to help you encourage good behavior from your child.

1. Follow through with consequences

Rules without any consequences are not rules at all. Unless you are ready to follow up with consequences when your child misbehaves, your child will most likely disobey you. You need to be firm when enforcing consequences and always follow through if your child doesn't follow the behaviour you expect.

2. Tell them what behavior you expect

Letting your child know what good behavior you expect from them makes it clear for your child what to do and what not to do. Setting expectations makes sure that there's no excuse for your child to behave badly since you've already informed them what behavior they should have for certain situations.

3. Reward them for good behavior

Rewards can come in many forms; give your child appropriate rewards depending on their behavior. This can come in the form of special treats such as fast food or ice cream, and it can also be rewards like going to watch a sports game with your child. Things like these reinforce the positive behavior for your child, and it makes them feel good whenever they do something right.

4. Take advantage of "promised rewards"

"Promised rewards" or bribes as some might call them should be used sparingly. Bribes can be useful especially for smaller children who are prone to tantrums. You can promise them a reward of ice cream if they can behave themselves during a wedding that you're attending. Don't always use them to motivate your child for good behavior as it might motivate them to do something just for the reward.

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