Noida's shame! Couple 'beats up' and 'locks' their 26-year-old maid for stealing money

Noida's shame! Couple 'beats up' and 'locks' their 26-year-old maid for stealing money

A young couple allegedly beat up and locked their maid after she allegedly stole Rs 10,000. And this incident has started a violent rampage in Noida.

Money might buy everything, unfortunately humanity is not one of those commodities. A young 'harsh' couple residing in Noida's posh housing society proved exactly that!

In case you're unaware of the outrage, let us tell you what happened.

A working couple who reside with their seven-year-old daughter in Noida's Mahagun Moderne society allegedly locked up their 26-year-old maid; who they allege, stole Rs 10,000 from their house.

Yes, you read that right.

Maid beaten up and locked in a room

The couple suspected that Zohra Bibi, their domestic help, of stealing and reportedly beat her up and even locked her in a room. Zohra was missing for an entire day and night and while her whereabouts of the night are not clear, her relatives said that they only saw her coming out of the society the next day.

"We waited all night outside the society for her. We went to the apartment but they said she wasn't there. We even took the police. This morning we saw her come out of the society, " said Zohra's relative who along with her husband have now filed a First Information Report or FIR against the couple.

However, the story on social media is telling a more cruel tale. Read below for her 'first person account.'

The incident led to alleged destruction of the society when close to 200 villagers including relatives of Zohra descended on to Mahagun and attacked the employers. In fact, police had to be called to remove the enraged and violent villagers.

But that is one side of the story. The other side is that of the employers.

Employers say they did not lock her up

Some news reports suggest that the employers also gave their statements to the police and clarified that they did catch Zohra stealing money from them. They even said that she admitted to her theft.

Their claims were then backed up by other members of the society who said that she was not 'locked up' by anybody. Instead she stayed at an elderly woman's apartment in the same society.

However, with the outrage of her alleged 'beating' and 'locking up' going out of control, this young family has been put in grave danger by the 'violent' villagers.

"They entered in my house by breaking the door glass. It was terrifying. It's about our life and I am afraid about the safety of my family and kid," said Mitul Sethi, the employer who runs a play school in the area. Her husband runs a small real estate business.

The family has now been taken away from the society and are being kept in a safe area, away from the villagers.

Who is right? You decide!

While there have been cases of abuse towards domestic help, this one has especially amplified given the maid's explosive statements. What remains a mystery is: who is right and who is wrong!

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