A heavily pregnant Celina Jaitly rushes to India after tragedy hits her family

A heavily pregnant Celina Jaitly rushes to India after tragedy hits her family

Celina Jaitly even wrote a heart-wrenching homage after the last rites.

Just this past week, the heavily pregnant Celina Jaitly was seen hanging out with fellow mum-to-be Esha Deol. The two met each other for a quick lunch in Dubai.

But while all was well up until that accidental meeting, Jaitly received a rather disturbing news afterwards.

Her father, Colonel Vikram Kumar Jaitly passed away on July 2, and the 35-year-old emotional mum-to-be confirmed the sad news through her Facebook account saying "nothing truly prepares you for the loss of your parent."

Jaitly loses her father

"Our beloved father Colonel Vikram Kumar Jaitly, left us yesterday at 5:23 AM... I thank the doctors who did everything to save him on behalf of my family," she wrote.

The emotional mum-to-be also wrote, "Papa wherever you are do send us a sign that you are fine and in the soldiers heavens where you have a very special place and always wanted to be. We hope to see you one day when you come to hold our hands for our crossing over.. until then we will miss you dearly …." I will miss you dearly Daddy Pig”!

This is certainly a tough time for the second-time mum who is pregnant with yet another set of twins. Along with husband Peter Haag, Jaitly already has twin boys, Winston and Viraaj.

Not surprisingly, her husband and her kids have become her greatest pillars of strength in this time of need.

In her heart-wrenching homage to her late father, she even mentioned Peter's closeness to him and wrote, "Most of all, his loss is mourned by us, my mother Meeta Jaitly, his son Supertrooper Jets his son in law Peter Haag, daughter in law Charul Chaturvedi Jaitly and his beloved grandsons Winston & Viraaj who will never hear his booming voice again."

Doctors did everything to save him!

Not just that, Jaitly even thanked his fellow armymen and troopers for their support and indicated that her father was suffering from an incurable illness.

"I thank the doctors who did everything to save him on behalf of my family. I thank the commanding officers of Russell's Own, Various Kumaoni battalions officers and jawans for the wonderful ceremonial send off with full military honours yesterday at MHOW ( military HQ of war) crematorium," she wrote.

The Janasheen actor who is close to her delivery date will also have to explain the loss to her young sons. And we understand that explaining the concept of death to kids is not an easy job, but here's how you can start.

3 ways to talk to kids about death

  • Be honest: By the age of five, a child begins to understand that what stars must also end. Therefore, it's best to be honest with the child and tell them about the loss of a beloved and how they may no longer come back. You must also be open about your own emotions and tell them that you are grieving so they do not think of this as a temporary situation.
  • Listen and comfort: Just as you need comforting and listening, your kids will also need it when they hear the sad news. So give them the time, space and opportunity to grieve and comfort them. You can use words such as "I am here for you" or "You can share your feelings with me," to begin with. Also make sure to tell them about the rituals that follow.
  • Help him/her remember: Although loss of a person means that we must let go, it's not that easy. You can help them remember their beloved family member by talking about their happy memories and keeping the good times alive.

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