How elderly sexual intercourse benefits women more than men

How elderly sexual intercourse benefits women more than men

Like fine wine, sex only gets better with age. Not only that, but it has a wide range of mental and physical benefits! Learn more here.

Surely by now you've realized the emotional, mental, and physical benefits of sex, but did you know that like fine wine, sex only gets better with age. Well, for women that is...

Generally speaking, having sex can be relatively dangerous for men above the age of 60, and should be a "recreational activity" that should enjoyed only if physically able. While there may be a looming threat for older men to engage this particular form of physical activity, research has found that there are a significant amount of benefits for older women to have sex.

Why women should stay sexually active

Sex can help to decrease stress, boost the immune system, benefit your overall wellbeing, and bring couples closer together, (both mentally and physically).

Any married couple (young or old), who have sex regularly are happier, healthier and more energetic than those who don’t. This is because sex releases endorphins and a brain chemical called PEA--both of which work to improve our sense of well-being.

More over, couples have good sex are in an even more advantageous position. Good sex (that is, sex resulting in both parties climaxing) boosts immunity, and can even fend off common colds and infections. On a more serious note, orgasms have also been linked to better, healthier hearts which could extend life-expectancy.

Furthermore, sex also helps promote better sleeping habits. When someone has an orgasm, their levels of the hormone oxytocin rise by about 500% during sex. The result is a more relaxed state that can help us to feel sleepy and more calm.

Sex may have a laundry list of physical benefits, but studies have shown that sex can also help to reduce depression and suicidal thoughts. 


Learn more of the benefits of sex and why women specifically should be engaging in sex for as long as they can! Page 2 for more!

You're probably thinking to yourself, "If sex has so many benefits to our health, why should women be having sex for years to come, and not men?"

Well, men may not be able to engage in sex quite as easily or as often as women of the same age. Men may have male enhancements to lean on nowadays, but women are cognizant and prepared for the changes their bodies go through during menopause are raring to go by the time they reach 60 years or older.

And what's most surprising: many women testify to the fact that sex becomes far more pleasurable in their senior years.

The reason? Sex at this age becomes less focused on procreation and more focused on recreation.

Older couples tend to spend more time on foreplay because both sexes are slower to become aroused – which, as it turns out, has a huge pay off! After all, the longer we're actively engaged in sex, the more intense and pleasurable the orgasm.

Why women should stay sexually active

While many women claim that sex is physically better at this age, there's also another factor at play. Another reason why women may find sex to be better at this age is the fact have more time and less to worry about. You're no longer a busy parent who's constantly juggling raising your kids and a full-time job.

Nope. By the time you've reached this particular age, you're retired and living a more laid back lifestyle. As a result, your approach to sex may be much more laid back, and devoid of all stressors.

So there you have it moms. With all of the mental, physical, and emotional benefits that sex can bring you later in life, there's little to no excuse to remain active for as long as you live! Just make sure your hubby's able to as well!

This story was originally covered by Mirror

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