All they do is eat, sleep, burp, wail and poop. Kabhi khushi, kabhie gham! : Karan Johar on his twins

All they do is eat, sleep, burp, wail and poop. Kabhi khushi, kabhie gham! : Karan Johar on his twins

The ace director finally speaks about the two loves of his life!

Karan Johar is clearly in seventh heaven these days. 2017 is the one year he will remember for life, besides the year 1998, when his first film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was released. The reason for his boundless joy is his twins-Roohi and Yash, who are the centre of his universe these days.

In an exclusive interview with a popular Sunday magazine, the single dad, for the first time, spoke about his life has changed after the arrival of his twin babies.

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Johar says that he would forever remember the day his twins came home. “The day they came home from the hospital is an experience that’s going to stay etched in my memory. Like the premier of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai in 1998. It was my first film and I still remember every moment. What I wore. What I said. The day I carried Roohi and Yash home was like that. Life changing,” says Johar.



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“Actually, it was a full on K3G moment! Very dramatic. With my Mom proudly standing at the door like Jaya Aunty holding a puja thali with burning diyas to welcome not her bahu – but her grandkids, all my aunts crowded behind her,” says the excited new father.

Once home, Karan Johar made sure that his babies met his father and their grandfather in his room.

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“I took my babies straight into the room where my father’s picture is placed. When I saw their reflection in the glass, merging with his image, I closed my eyes in gratitude and experienced the awe of the moment. I knew they had his blessings. These are scenes out of a film but drawn from real life. For me, that was a moment of faith. But it was only the trailer. Picture abhi baki hai!” he adds.

“My biggest blockbuster”

Johar goes on to say that at the age of 44, this has proved to be his biggest blockbuster so far.

“My life has changed since Roohi and Yash arrived. At 44, this is my biggest blockbuster. I still haven’t realised the enormity of what’s happened. They’re only two months old. And all they do is eat, sleep, burp, wail and poop. Kabhi khushi, kabhie gham! While I stare at them in wonder. But I can’t get over the fact that they are mine,” he says.

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Fatherhood has indeed been a life changing experience for the ace director.

“Fatherhood is proving to be a breathtaking rollercoaster ride. When they were conceived, I was ecstatic, but I told myself I would be a responsible father and not a paranoid mother. A lifelong dream come true. And I couldn’t wait to take them in my arms. When I did that for the first time, it was incredible. I knew this was the beginning of a different kind of love story. The start of the best phase of my life,”says the single dad.

All they do is eat, sleep, burp, wail and poop. Kabhi khushi, kabhie gham! : Karan Johar on his twins

Karan Johar with his mother Hiroo Johar.

Johar adds that he feels for his babies like any mother would and not just a father as he’s both for his twins.

“Mothers go through these emotions. Fathers come in later. But I was there right from the start, with the other mothers in the ICU whose babies were also born weighing less than 1.5 kilos, their vital body parts, their tiny lungs and heart underdeveloped. And each time a baby crossed 2 kilos and the nurses put up a smiley sunshine face announcing this, I would celebrate with their mothers because I fully empathised with them,” he sums up.

Taking care of a premature baby

Preemies need special care and attention after they are brought home, they need to be followed up for their development and milestones both mental and physical, visual acuity, physical growth and well-being. Here are a few things to keep in mind

1. Preemies have thin and sensitive skin: Preemies have very thin and sensitive skin. Hence, wipe your preemie’s body with a soft washcloth and plain warm water. Avoid any harsh soaps, creams and other chemicals.

2. Handle with care: Holding a premature baby is extremely important as they have delicate bodies. There are two ways in which you can hold your baby. One is the traditional method, in which your baby can be wrapped in cotton blankets to stay warm and nestled in your arms. The second way is ‘kangaroo care’ that involves skin-to-skin contact with the mother.

3. Avoid outdoors: It is advisable to keep the baby home in a well-ventilated room and reduce outdoor visits to the minimum required for the first 2-3 months. Hand washing and minimal handling by persons other than the caretakers is also essential.

Read more tips on taking care of a premature baby in this article: All you should know about taking care of your premature baby

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