3 easy tips to perfect the winged eyeliner before Diwali arrives

3 easy tips to perfect the winged eyeliner before Diwali arrives

Try them now!

Let’s be honest, all of us have tried getting that perfect winged eyeliner at least a zillion times to flaunt at an upcoming wedding or a festival we’re so looking forward to. But, come D-day and it doesn’t really happen the way we had planned.

So just before Diwali, here are a few tips to perfect that winged eyeliner just like movie stars:

First and foremost, don’t start applying liner right away. The first step would be to draw an outline with the help of an eyebrow pencil to see the exact shape that you want and fill it up.

Perfecting the winged eyeliner

Perfecting the winged eyeliner

Then with the help of the eye pencil carefully draw a diagonal line from your bottom lash line to the end of your eyebrow. Be extremely careful when you do this and know the exact length of the wing.

2. Choosing the right liner:
Another key point is the kind of liner that you are using. The best liner to use for a winged eyeliner would be a fast dry gel eyeliner that has an applicator brush. This would make sure that the liner dries up easily and does not smear.

Once you’ve chosen the right liner just fill in along the outline that you drew with the help of an eye pencil, slowly and carefully.

3. Practice it:
The third step would be to practice applying the winged eyeliner before the main event so that you know exactly what to do when the awaited moment arrives. As they say, practice only makes you perfect!

Watch this YouTube tutorial to apply the winged eyeliner like a pro:

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[Video and image grabs courtesy: YouTube]
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