Easy tips to beat morning sickness

Easy tips to beat morning sickness

Curb morning sickness with these easy-to-follow nutrition guidelines

Anybody who has experienced morning sickness (and that includes most of those who have been pregnant!), will tell you how it punctures the happiness that the ‘good news’ brings. Fit For Birth’s nutritionist and dietician Charmi Gala says, “Pregnancy-related nausea is strongest in the mornings but lasts almost all day."

She adds, "For some women, it even goes on till the 7th month. It is a direct outcome of hormonal change. Actually the digestion is getting better hence it leads to morning sickness."

Gala tells us how to keep morning sickness at bay with these easy-peasy tips.

  • Go to sleep early: Staying awake for longer hours makes you stay hungry too and that causes sickness. Sleeping on time, on the other hand, makes the body function seamlessly.
  • Keep a nibble by your bedside: Keep a carbohydrate by your bedside that you can pop as soon as you wake up. It could be either a dry cracker, a toast or a khakra.
  • Keep aerated drinks at bay: Aerated drinks and lemonade too aggravate morning sickness. So even while you feel like sipping on some liquids, you mustn’t, especially on an empty stomach.
  • Post meal dos: Post meals, make it a point to sit upright for ½ an hour. Drink water only after 20 minutes of your meal.
  • Hydrate: Post a bad bout of vomiting, you need to correct the hydration of your body. Veggie soups, lime water or coconut water (anything not sugary) is a good way to intake fluid.
  • Suck on ginger candies or ginger tea: Even homemade citrus juices work like a miracle. A great idea is to make orange or lemon juice, pour it into ice trays and freeze. Later on, you could suck on to these popsicles.

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Harshikaa Udasi

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