Must watch: 3 easy steps to clean your baby's eyes, ears and nose

Must watch: 3 easy steps to clean your baby's eyes, ears and nose

Maintaining your baby's basic hygiene and knowing how to clean your baby's ears, eyes and nose is essential for keeping him clean and feeling fresh all day. Take a look at how it's done.

With a new baby around the house, every speck of dust becomes a mother's sworn enemy. This makes it even more important to care for the baby's hygiene and keep him clean, dry, fresh and healthy.

An important aspect of caring for your baby's basic hygiene needs is that if he particularly enjoys being bathed and washed, you can go ahead and bathe regularly. However, there are some babies who do not enjoy being wet. For such babies, you must know how to clean their eyes, ears and nose without giving them a bath.

When cleaning the baby's eyes, ears and nose, you should be as gentle as possible. Try these tricks to keep him clean and feeling refreshed:

  • You can use something as simple as a cotton ball and plain water. Simply dip the cotton ball in the water and gently press the ball onto his eyelid from the nose pushing away to the ears. Two times is usually sufficient for each eye.
  •  Use a different cotton ball and clean the baby's nose and cheeks and the rest of the face, making sure the water does not drip into their ear.
  • If you want to clean your baby's ear, you can use a gentle cue-tip and simply clean the outer area of the baby's ear. Any folding area that has the possibility of collecting bacteria can also be cleaned this way.

Take a look at this video to see how to clean the baby's ears, eyes and nose.

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