Drew Barrymore's Lessons On Handling Emotions And Tantrums

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Actress-Mum Drew Barrymore opened up about her parenting struggles on Instagram recently. Here’s more about how she’s dealing with her tots.

Tantrums in tots are a common problem that parents face as babies start growing up. But we just loved the way Drew Barrymore parenting her daughters showed the humorous side to handling tantrums!

Now, this gorgeous star has shared more about how she parents her gorgeous little girls, giving us all #mumspiration! In particular, she talks about handling her daughters’ emotions (and what she teaches them about this): a very important topic indeed. 

Mum to two cutelings, Olive, five and Frankie, three, Barrymore recently posted their family day pictures on Instagram and confessed that the elder one was upset with her. Here’s what she shared:

drew barrymore parenting

Image: Screengrab from Instagram

She’s five going on 13. She looks like a 90s grunge girl. And she has the attitude to go with it. She’s mad because mom has been out of town. I’m teaching her the word “reentry” and that it can take a day. Let her get her mood out of her system, and I tell her “I understand”.

Isn’t that so genuine and honest, straight from-the-heart of a mum? We also love how she seems to have coined a brand-new parenting term – “reentry” – and how she uses it to teach her feisty little girl that it’s okay and perfectly human to feel emotional, even angry at time.  

In another post she shares a bit about her younger one, Frankie’s sunny personality. Take a look.

drew barrymore parenting

Image: Screengrab from Instagram

Just like any other working mum, Barrymore is doing an amazing job of managing her work and raising her daughters perfectly. 

Drew Barrymore Parenting: Tips to handle your child’s tantrums

drew barrymore parenting

Drew Barrymore parenting style: laidback, relaxed and humorous, and we love it!

What we just love about Barrymore is her laidback attitude to parenting, including how she handles mega-tantrums. Not being able to give ample time to your little one can be a common thing with working mums. But there’s always more than one way to win your child’s heart back.

Mums, let’s take a tip or two from this gorgeous actress about how to handle those tantrumming tots!

1. Be patient with them

drew barrymore parenting

Image: Screengrab from Instagram

Remember that when your child is upset, dictating terms to them won’t work. Firstly, allow them to calm down on their own. Give them some space if they like. You need to have lots of patience for this and then some. Be loving and compassionate towards them when they continue to be upset.

2. Talk to them about how they feel

Once your little one is in a mood to talk you can start communicating with them. Allow them to open up at their own pace. Be available and listen to what they have to say. Once again, have lots of patience, love and understanding when talking to your upset child.

3. Teach them to handle their negative emotions

When you feel that they are ready for it, help them understand the negative emotions and teach them how to deal with them. Just like Barrymore, you can help your child understand that it is okay if the foul mood stays on for a day before they feel normal again.

4. Allow them to be physically close to you

Let them be close to you even if they are unwilling to speak. At times all that a child needs is your reassuring physical presence. You can use this time to observe how deeply hurt the child is feeling and whether they are naturally healing or not.

5. Make up to them by spending quality time together

drew barrymore parenting

Image: Screengrab from Instagram

And definitely take them out or spend some time with them at home. Engage in your favourite activities together like going out to the park or reading a book or just chatting with each other. Spending time with your kids helps them understand that you are always there for them.

So mums, next time your little one is mad at you, handle their tantrums in the Drew Barrymore parenting way.

Source: Marie Claire

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